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Found 3 results

  1. Hopefully on this thread we can share some of our predictions of what the future will or could look like. You might be a psychic, remote viewer or (like me) just taking current circumstances and information and extrapolating it forward to likely scenarios. I've been doing this at home with family for about 9 /10 months and although they listened and rolled eyes at first some of what I said is now starting to look more likely. I give David Icke total credit for this as it is his books that got me thinking in this way. If this posts I'll start with some of my predictions in the next comment box. Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were doing just this same thing and look what influence that has had in opening eyes. So I really think this could be helpful.
  2. Madames and monsieurs, place here your predictions of what we'll see in the news next or in the far future. I'll start: - The World Economic Forum's new slogan: 'Thou Whilst Do Whatever Thou Wilt, And Thou Whilst Be Gay!' - Elon Musk announces the METALVERSE and renames his car company METAL - Yuval Noah Harari announces that the Large Hadron Collider looked everywhere but couldn't detect a human soul. This is proof that there is no God and you are just a multi-cell organism with no freedom of will and no legal rights.
  3. Hi All Does anyone have some predictions for when the lockdown will end and if there's going to be the so called 2nd lockdown??? Based on what's happening it seems like there will be a vaccine which will released next month or early November. This'll mean we hopefully go back to mostly normality, hopefully no facemasks and other covid measures one would hope. Otherwise I can imagine the outcry from the public if we're still in lockdown with ZERO income when we don't have a job. Kind of just wanna go nightclubbing already, I'm so fed up of this lockdown and no, I won't be taking the vaccine haha. Mental health has been affected quite a lot from not being able to socialise. So yeah, what do people think will happen? Furlough ends in October then great crash of world wide currencies into a global one digital currency system, back to normal type deal? Let me know your thoughts. Kind regards Newbiebrbrbrbbrbrbrbr
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