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Found 1 result

  1. My husband died on the 19th May, I believe as a direct result of the Astrazenica vaccine. The problem is there was no post mortem and I only found out hours before the funeral that I could have asked for one. An hour after I found him laying on the bedroom floor dead I received a phone call, yes a phone call, from my doctor to say that he was going to put this down as a heart attack because he thought a post mortem would be too traumatic for me. How he could decide that is beyond me because I have only met the man twice, he had more dealings with my husband and couldn't even get HIS medical history correct on the MCCD. The fact is that my husband was on blood thinners and should never have been given this injection. The doctor should have known that. A friend who is a medical practicioner and doesn't want to get involved said he thought the doctor was covering something up by not doing a post mortem. My husband was 65, had been in very good health up to his second jab and we were planning to travel up north that day for a couple of days of drone flying. If this wasn't a sudden death (which warrants a post mortem) then I don't know what is. My problem is that I don't know who to turn to. The one person who would always guide me on things like this, regardless if he agreed or not, was my husband. Can someone please tell me what I can do? The death certificate says "possible" heart attack, nothing is conclusive and I am tearing myself apart trying to find answers. Thanks in advance. Janet
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