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Found 5 results

  1. The world is sliding towards technofascism. And not ONE leader stands up and says "Enough of this! I won't let this happen here!". The politicians act and speak like they are programmed robots. Am I seeing this wrong? Is there a real leader somewhere out there still?
  2. Rather than clog the USA election thread - or the Q thread for that matter - here is some information on Simon Parkes. I normally wouldn't bother giving too much attention to such a person but YouTube seem to love the man of late and therein lie red flags at a time when censorship rules the waves. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/the-northerner/2012/mar/27/whitby-councillor-alien-mother-simon-parkes
  3. Labour leader Keir Starmer gives us a clear indication of where his true allegiances lie by sacking former Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey for something she didn’t even say, she commented the heinous crime of retweeting an interview with actress Maxine Peake, who happened to mention that the American cop who killed George Floyd appeared to be using tactics appropriated by Mossad and Israeli security forces. Just as you’re now “not allowed” to mention that any other lives matter apart from black, we’re also reminded you’re not allowed to even hint at putting the joos in a bad light as this is completely verboten. Sling your hook, Starmer you Zionist puppet, you’re no better than the last chimp in a red rosette.
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