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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All It's my first time posting here and I have lurked here for the past few months. I have been listening to various forms of the media and aware of the whole debacle of Agenda 21 and 2030. My reason for posting here in fact was actually due to a forum post I made on another website. Now obviously this website is all pro left for the most part as it's a transgender website. I won't get into, why I'm on there other then to fit in type thing other then I do the whole crossdressing thing. But they have a forum section on there. I came to post here because it just felt mad listening to people when they defend the government. The short story of it is, they want to sit on their ass, complain about transgender rights, be for the government that's against transgender rights whatever it's about. Then mock me for challenging their view LOL. So I figured because of the speech yesterday I'll make a post about the anti lockdown and how it's an amazing day for us all against the madness and talked about the the impact from covid. The economy, quantitative easing, furlough costs etc. The whole lot pretty much. I actually also mentioned VERY heavily as I do think it's a point not anyone can really defend is the governments action give out DNR orders to autistic people, elderly, cancer patients, terminally ill. It can be anyone diagnosed with Covid, I even posted sources from the BBC and countless other articals to shatter the view that perhaps the government isn't actually quite 100% looking out for our interests. A DNR order is flat out eugenics for anyone with Covid me thinks and that anyone who complies with the system of lockdown (which on the forums they're very pro off) that their pro eugenics. They're helping a system that carries out these acts against humanity. All I got in response was abuse, me being called a fascist. I even made a point of them coming from households where the whole transgenderism (whatever they want to believe) might've not been acceptable in those times and I don't call them less of a person for believing their a woman even if they were originally a man. But none of them could see what wrong were they doing and the sheer hypocricy in the whole matter. I myself do the whole crossdressing thing as a form of escape in the weekend clubbing whatever to help me relax. Obviously lock down has prevented that which I do very much dearly miss. I mentioned the Neil Fergurson computer model simulations with different links from BBC confirming this to be the case and yet they NEVER open it. I'll make another post containing what I've posted and to be quite frankly honest, I don't know why anyone would keep following the narrative when reading.
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