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Found 1 result

  1. Something that really bothers me lately: - With 99% of Left websites, you already know what the position on any issue will be - With 99% of Right websites, you already know what the position on any issue will be My views? More or less 50% on the Left and 50% on the Right. I may be on the Left or on the Right, depending on the specific nature of the issue. And yet I have to deal wity a cluster of stuck-together beliefs on either side. Example? I think the Left's ideal of wealth being spread more equitably across society is sound But I don't think the Left's "Woke" crap, or children being encouraged to become "gender fluid' and snip their genitals off is sound at all I feel closer to the Right on abortion - I don't think aborting a little human in the womb is a good thing, except in exceptional circumstances like rape But I cannot wrap my head around the Right's illogical stance on environment - many on the Right seem to believe that nature is a TOILET you can shit in however and how often you want with no consequences The point of all this? I'm getting SICK AND TIRED of both the LEFT CAMP and the RIGHT CAMP STICKING 50 UNCONNECTED ISSUES TOGETHER INTO ONE GREAT BALL FROM ONE PARTISAN PERSPECTIVE And then you are supposed to say "Me, I'm a Leftiel!" or "Me, I'm a Rightie!" Even though BOTH CAMPS routinely take PRETTY STUPID POSITIONS on DIFFERENT ISSUES. WHERE IS A INFOVERSE WHICH IS SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OR A BIT ON BOTH SIDES? Because I don't think you CAN GET ALL TRUTH AT ALL FROM LISTENING TO JUST THE LEFT OR JUST THE RIGHT AT ALL. Both sides ROUTINELY GET IMPORTANT ISSUES BADLY WRONG. BOTH INFOVERSES ARE ONLY CORRECT ON CERTAIN ISSUES.
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