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Found 2 results

  1. Apparently full of nudity, violence, ritual sacrifices and witchcraft. The shows creators have said it is good "because it promotes paganism". https://www.christianpost.com/news/disneys-fx-series-little-demon-is-extremely-dangerous.html
  2. Taken from this site: https://tritorch.com/occult/ Author's Note: It does not matter if you do not believe in what follows. It doesn't even matter if what follows is complete nonsense. What matters is that they - the true puppet-masters of this world - very much do believe in it—they put their religion right in our faces constantly via their symbolism. And those beliefs greatly influence their decisions—and those decisions greatly effect you. The European Union recently voted and failed to ban the word ‘Christmas’, so I thought now would be a good time to point out that the EU leadership’s anti-christian satanism is not something they even try to hide. To start with, have a look at this Tower of Babel and pentagram symbolism in their architecture and advertising (many tongues one voice): Their Gotthard base tunnel opening ceremony (not in the EU but closely linked) was literally a satanic ritual right out there in full view of the whole world (check out a longer version if you can stomach it): And an official at CERN – which is located not far from the Gotthard tunnel and is built above where Apollo was thought to reside in the underworld – admitted they were trying to open the ‘dimensional doors’ with the LHC and that something may just come through them: This short film, titled "SYMMETRY" (as above so below) released by CERN, speaks for itself: And of course CERN's logo is a play on 666: These are just a few examples of who and what these people are. Canada, for instance, is trying to turn biblical "beliefs" like male and female genders into myths, so they can use the "just us" system to persecute Christians: The most concerning part of all of this is that they no longer even attempt to hide what they do anymore - they now put their occultism on full display - and yet the world still cannot see them for who they are. It's been said that the rulers of our world - those obscure puppet-masters behind the curtain - use the earth's three supranational city states as their base of operations. These are: All three of these city states have an obelisk - a powerful symbol of their religion. In Washington DC, the Washington monument is a false obelisk because it is not made from a single piece of stone, and so the real one, which is, is buried right next to it: Union Station is modeled after the Eye of Horus, and I've heard that the eye stares directly at the first Freemason lodge across the ocean: The Premier Grand Lodge of England. This may be wrong, so maybe someone reading this can clarify: To finish up - and really this article just scratches the surface of the topic at hand - here is one of the most blatant displays of in your face occultism at none other than the IRS headquarters in Maryland (fitting, wouldn't you say). Take note of the hands and remember that the Adversary has the whole world in his hands: The adversary really does hold the whole world in the palm of his hand. In the final days evil will be celebrated as good, and the good will be cursed as a evil. It would seem that ship is coming in to port. They tried to ban the word 'Christmas' in Europe. ________________________ Bonus Content on the Vatican Audience Hall Built in the 70s: This Picture Was Taken At the Vatican Nativity Scene in November, 2020 More information here.
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