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Found 1 result

  1. I noticed we are all made up of a large group of people who have one major issue in common, but maybe other things not totally in common. We are all deeply troubled and angered by the way this virus issue has changed society for far the worse. That is agreed. However, which of these groups do you belong to? (1) The virus is a complete fabrication, used as a pretext to sneak in social control, destroy freedoms and brainwash the masses. (2) The virus genuinely exists but has been blown out of all proportion. Social hysteria has created a convenient opportunity for some to attack our freedoms. (3)The virus is an occult phenomenon. There may be an unknown force controlling those in power, such as of extraterrestrial origen. (4) The virus is a bio-weapons attack launched by a hostile country. Or a bio-weapons project that escaped laboratory conditions and confinement. Just thought it might be interesting to explore this.
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