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Found 1 result

  1. I may need a little advice on choices available, apart from obvious ones like Thunderbird (which maybe overkill for what I want?), but feel free to comment on that too if you want, AND any decent Personal Email Alternatives...? I can kick things off by what seems to be a good find here, and believe me, I've been looking hard at what's out there in the last 3 days in particular.. (for my & indeed if you choose, your own personal use) https://www.claws-mail.org (FREE - It is mostly desktop-independent, as the team there say in their intro for the product, but should that matter at all -?? - I am uncertain I guess) [Although..] it was founded in 2001, I am glad to say this has had an update last in early April 2022, so I am pleased about that........ Looks like it ticks all the right boxes, being lightweight, user-friendly, and not a pain in your backside (it seems to me by what I can see at a glance) https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SPAMASSASSIN/Home << Claws Mail takes advantage of being able to use this SPAM ASSASSIN OpenS Plugin! Hopefully its a goer.... Still looks to be updated too! =) (and is widely used apparently by what I read on SpamA_ homepage. Any other suggestions one can offer to entertain as possible NICE CAPABALE but rather basic(?) EMAIL CLIENT candidates please? I really just need a basic email setup ASAP but at the same time I don't just want to sign up to any old main stream crap, so this I have long wanted to explore better, is why I am looking in OpenSource software, [EMAIL this time] and to actually be [HAPPY] using it!.. (and to hell with Corp Owned Platforms -&- all which those greedy bleeders have to offer) ------------- Seperately: For something bigger at getting all your email managing needs met, I have found "MailTrim" is a good choice by what I see on Sourceforge.net
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