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Found 1 result

  1. I was going over the movie scifi classics of the last 40 years in my head and noticed a rather disturbing pattern: The setup is always the same: - Some kind of Dystopian situation - evil government, evil corporation, evil villain, evil computer/AI/robots/aliens - Somebody needs to do SOMETHING to save everybody - Solution: ONE highly determined HERO, or at best a SMALL BAND of HEROES solve everything - Strangely, EVERYBODY ELSE in these movies is COMPLETELY PASSIVE AND HELPLESS AS A BABY Hollywood is essentially programming the MASSES to SIT ON THEIR ASSES and WAIT FOR A SUPERHERO TO COME ALONG AND SOLVE EVERYTHING In very FEW movies is the situation resolved simply by THOUSANDS OF NORMAL PEOPLE BANDING TOGETHER AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Robocop, Neo, Luke Skywalker, Douglas Quaid, Batman, Tony Stark, Judge Dredd and many others. ALWAYS ONE GUY or 4 - 5 COLLABORATING HEROES NEVER 50,000 NORMAL PEOPLE working to SOLVE THINGS AS A LARGE GROUP
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