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Found 1 result

  1. Below are aerial images of CNN Atlanta Center and BBC New Broadcasting House. Normally, large multi-channel broadcasters have AN ENTIRE ROOF SATURATED WITH MANY TYPES OF SATTELITE DISHES AND SATTELITE UPLINKS. But CNN HQ has only 2 lone dishes visible. BBC HQ has only 6, and they all point in the SAME DIRECTION - are there NO SATTELITES in the other directions? What does this MEAN though? It means that these BROADCASTERS ARE HOOKED INTO SOME KIND OF HIGH SPEED TERRESTRIAL COMPUTER NETWORK FROM WHICH THEY CAN: A) Easily follow 100s of TV channels around the World for news and footage of world events B) Talk to OTHER news broadcasters elsewhere WITHOUT anyone eavesdropping C) They are likely NOT UPLINKING TO SATTELITE WHEN THEY BROADCAST. Everything is going over this UNKNOWN TERRESTRIAL NETWORK. In other words THE WORLD'S MOST WELL KNOWN NEWS BROADCASTERS ARE HOOKED INTO TO SOME KIND OF UNDISCLOSED INTERNET-LIKE COMPUTER NETWORK WHICH HAS 100% DATA TRANSMISSION RELIABILITY, BECAUSE THEIR LIVE BROADCASTS NEVER FREEZE OR CUT OUT. To put it BLUNTLY, the self-proclaimed "WORLD'S MOST TRUSTED NEWS BROADCASTERS" are very likely ON A NATO OPERATED MILITARY NETWORK WITH 100% UPTIME/RELIABILITY. The "OTHER INTERNET"...
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