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  1. His words, not mine, below... https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message5122045/pg1 "So much idiocy all over the board but still the IC community and OPINT folks that keep me here. I spend a lot of my day letting Tards’ know that they are Tards’ and that, in a perfect world, they would have no voice. They are the modern day Tower of Babel. While many idiotic thoughts define them the largest and most absurd is that some unified front controls the world and manipulates everything just so. This is paranoid schizophrenia at its finest. As someone who has met or is one degree of separation from too many powerful and important people to name I can tell you there are cliques and clubs, groups and groupies but no one clique or group runs much of anything. At best a community, like Hollywood, but a country or the planet. No Fucking Way! Open your eyes hackasses. You live in a world of chaos with no human control mechanism. Hope for higher powers and pray for the divine."
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