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Found 3 results

  1. This is the COVER of the 1st ever "NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING" or NLP book published by Bandler and Grinder. How OCCULT of them, lol! Apparently ALL serious NLP Practitioners are told to start with this "seminal" work on NLP:
  2. I know a character who - along with his shady business associates - constantly tries to NLP and influence anyone he comes in contact with. You literally cannot have a conversation with any of them without having classic NLP influencing/mirroring/confusing techniques thrown at you 10 minutes in. All of them got their "NLP Training" from trainers in GERMANY. So I'm wondering - did this NLP horseshit originate with NAZI psychology experiments on WWII prisoners?
  3. Are they playing a MIRRORED LETTERS game with COVID-19? Which is a pretty fucking strange name for a worldwide pandemic. (DIV)IDE - VID MIRRORED (CO)NQUER - NOT MIRRORED BUT PLACED IN FRONT... SO ACTUALLY CO_VID IS SPLIT AND MIRRORED TWICE.
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