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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. We've all been discussing the SUDDENLY ACCELERATING NEWS CYCLE here: Ukraine, Shinzo Abe, Rushdie, BoJo, Queen Elizabeth, Gas Crisis, China Real Estate Bubble, USA Superbubble, Schwab's stupid crap and much more, ONE AFTER THE OTHER. This is all DESTABILIZING NEWS. Things are moving towards UNCERTAINTY. But this ISN'T ENOUGH for those who want to REMAKE THE WORLD ORDER. A CATALYZING EVENT is needed. A GRAND EXCUSE is needed. They need to REALLY SCARE PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING A NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM IS NECESSARY this time. OPEN QUESTION: WHAT IS COMING OUR WAY NEXT? WHAT IS BAD ENOUGH TO CEMENT THE NWO? WHEN WOULD BE THE BEST TIMING FOR THEM?
  2. Stop the WHO ! Please sign the petition ! Sign here : https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/614335
  3. Example #1 :Pump Up The Volume by MARRS How spooky are these lyrics really ? : "Rhythmic, systematic, world control Magnetic, genetic, demands your soul" that is when you consider that, as this record was released in 1987, it may be considered 33~coded to the year 2020, their phony 'corona'tion '22' year & so the start of their 'Rhythmic, systematic, world control'; (their fully planned lockdowns go on & off in a kind of rhythm facilitating their systemic world Governmental control) many believe the fake vaccines contain "genetically engineered magneto protein"; it is thought that this could transform someone chemically, in a sense "taking them over", thus : "magnetic, genetic, demands your soul" ( ! ) [ ]
  4. This is my number one pick (below), but I'm sure all of you have many more additions to the list. What are your favourite documentaries (or other videos) over the years that predicted the collective Police State hell we are all currently witnessing today? Please share the best selections you have. I think it's very important we put all these old films together for the record to show we were right all along.
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