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Found 1 result

  1. 9/11 gave us Ground Zero. COVID and before it AIDS gave us Patient Zero. But who is Decisionmaker Zero who pulled the trigger and gave the green light to what is unfolding today? David has often talked about an interlocking web of conspirator organizations, and at the center of it all sits the "Spider". Who is the Spider that made the decision to turn our world upside down? I do not believe that men like Gates, Schwab, Musk, Soros are important enough or even wealthy enough to be the "Spider". I think that they are simply frontmen who distract us from the real decisionmaker in power. Even the Rockellers/Rothschilds/Black Nobility may have been fronts for someone much higher up. If you are religious, the Spider is none other than Lucifer himself. If you are more New Age, the Spider is an extraterrestrial intellect who is not from our planet. If you don't believe in this stuff, the Spider is simply a vicious human psychopath at the top of the world with a lust for lies, killing and oppression. If you fear technology the most, the Spider may be an astoundingly intelligent Artifical Intelligence system controlling the actions of the Elite. If you fear Pharma the most, the Spider may be an incredibly potent drug which over time has driven the Elite completely insane. Who is the Spider? Who came up with the original plan and idea for all this?
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