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Found 3 results

  1. I'm sure it's been thought about but could we have another think about possibly restricting new members to a new member post for say at least 3 posts? Or even one, which gets reviewed and they're either then released onto main forums or left unable to post until prove they're not a bot or a disrupter? I know a lot will still get through , the more determined but it might cut down the weekend drunk nutjobs
  2. Things are getting really bad when the PTB play this card. Apparently a new lead.A German man,already behind bars was in the Algarve at the time of the childs death/disappearance ,so screams the press,all over tomorrows papers like a bad dream. For an excellent in depth look at this case then watch Richard D Hall,on rich planet.It will open your eyes.
  3. If you are struggling to post a new topic while the forum layouts are being worked on. And you have tried just keeping the first block of text in your new topic simple - no links no videos no music and that still doesn't work. Then perhaps post here your thread name and what you want it for and some of the accounts who are able to create still could set it off for you. I Don't know what will happen if anything looks dodgy (subjectively) or weird so we could just tag a mod or flag for advice if that happens (although I think all or most of the trolls and shills have been weeded out but you never know).
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