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Found 1 result

  1. Out of curiousity, I wonder if there is a simple means by which to disable the experimental mRNA 'vaccine' once it enters the body? For example, can the injected compound be deactivated by some prior or subsequent action on the part of the person who has been assaulted by it? Another way of putting this is: Can a person self-administer some kind of antidote to this State-administered poison, whether by mouth or subcutaneously / intravenously? Presumably any 'antidote' or 'neutralizing agent' to the mRNA 'vaccine' would have to be administered immediately pre- or post- injection. The reason I ask this question is so that anyone (worldwide) who is forcibly injected, or mandated to be injected by their rogue State, has an opportunity to obtain a 'vaccination' certificate without suffering the health consequences of being forced to participate in a medical experiment. They would appear to have taken the poison, but would have neutralized its action in vivo. Clearly the Nuremberg code is an insufficent deterrent to our collapsed global power elite. It is worth considering other options. I'm therefore inviting discussion on a biochemical means by which to defend ourselves against the State's assault on us, without alerting the State to our rebellion.
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