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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. - Since around the year 2000, many governments and NGOs have been screaming "Climate Change! Climate Change! Its the end! Aaaaargh!" - The CLEVEREST way to counter CC would have been to create a FREE DESIGN SOFTWARE which would allow ANYBODY interested to take a shot at designing their own virtual Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, River Turbines, Sea Wave Power Plants, Tide Power Plants and similar on a regular PC - The software would been paid for by a coalition of governments, like the U.S. and EU governments - You wouldn't actually BUILD this stuff for real, which is VERY expensive. You would design a virtual model of your idea in this SOFTWARE, and it would CALCULATE over a number of hours how EFFICIENT your Clean Energy Solution would be if it were actually built - The physics SIMULATION techniques required to do this in software have been known for DECADES and are known by every university in the world interested in this kind of stuff - You could have had GLOBAL CONTESTS where whoever manages to design the best clean energy solution wins a juicy money prize and gets their invention built - 22 years later, NO such FREE design software is available to download, and commercial ENGINEERING SOFTWARE that CAN do this is JAW DROPPINGLY EXPENSIVE, affordable only to companies and universities with substantial financial resources - If CLIMATE CHANGE was SOOO DANGEROUS, and SOOO URGENT, and SOOO CATASTROPHIC,why don't all of us have FREE DESIGN SOFTWARE on our PCs right now, which lets us dabble in things like turning wind into energy, or extracting energy from tides and sea waves, or turning photons into electricity in various ways? - I believe that we won't EVER get that FREE software - not in 2030 or in 2040, unless the open source community decides to build something like it
  2. We keep thinking they want to take our privacy, our property, branchip us and merge us with AI. What if all of that is DELIBERATE MISDIRECTION, just something for the conscientious to rail against on the internet, and they are using it to HIDE AN EVEN WORSE FUTURE PLAN? Something that has to do with our Planet and the mysteries in the greater Universe surrounding us, or with the Metaphysical/Theological, or with the "new laws of physics" Tesla always talked about but couldn't make public before he died?
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