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Found 1 result

  1. A lot of what these people are planning is exposed - we've discussed everything from social credit scores to neuroweapons and electric cars that won't necessarily drive you where you want to to death here. But there is this NEW censorship push happening. Alex Jones being fined Billions. David not being allowed into 26 EU countries. Richard Hall who is a really fine researcher being threatened with nasty legal action. Julian Assange being slowly marched towards actual physical death in Amerixa. The BBC bragging that they are causing international discussion groups with hundreds of thousands of members on various platforms to be shut down. Something NEW is in the works. And we do NOT necessarily know exactly what it is. Much of the stuff we are discussing has been online for years, tens of millions have seen it, and nobody tried to, say, take Rense.com and similar offline forever during those years, or ban books about satanists like Crowley from being sold. But suddenly these people want to completely DISABLE figures like Alex, David and Richard, actually KILL Julian Assange, and pass HARD LAWS punishing supposed MISINFORMATION DISSEMINATION. I think they may have CHANGED PLANS. And I think that what is planned may be COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of what many of us think is coming. Perhaps all the BLOWBACK against WEF, DIGITAL MONEY, SMART-EVERYTHING and all the INTERNET EXPOSURE and similar made them THROW SOMETHING NEW IN THE PLAN. They probably ALREADY HAD IT but WERE PLANNING TO USE IT AT A MUCH LATER TIME, perhaps the LATE 2030s. Whatever this new THING is, they feel a pressing NEED to TOTALLY RUIN THE MOST EXPERIENCED CONSPIRACY RESEARCHERS before they SPOT THE NEW THING and TRY TO MAKE IT PUBLIC. It must be something SO BAD that PUBLIC EXPOSURE MUST NOT HAPPEN AT ALL. And as always, we will eventually start to see a SOCIAL ENGINEERING EFFORT AIMED AT COMPLETELY BLINDING THE WORLD PUBLIC TO WHAT THE "NEW THING" IS GOING TO DO. So AGENDA 2030/GREAT RESET may have BEEN CHANGED due to TOO MUCH PUBLIC DISCUSSION OF IT. The TIMETABLE may have been SHIFTED FORWARD.
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