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Found 2 results

  1. Posted just now Because a GRAY AREA this UNTRANSPARENT can be TWISTED INTO ANY NARRATIVE THEY MAY NEED AT A GIVEN TIME IN THE PLAN. We may get "The extraterrestials are an advanced civilization working for God." Or "The extraterrestrials are our science-genius creators and also gave us our religions. Christ came from space." Or "The extraterrestrials are hostile and want to enslave humanity." Or "There are good extraterrestrials and bad ones. They are fighting over Earth." Or "We don't know exactly who or what is flying around up there either." Or Or Or... My take on what is happening? The world's elite wants to BREAK FREE FROM GOD completely. They want to be TOTALLY FREE AND UNACCOUNTABLE TO ANYTHING AND ANYONE. They have become OBSESSED with DEMOLISHING GOD'S FRAMEWORK OF ETHICS and with ESCAPING JUDGEMENT. They - pathetically - want to BECOME GOD-LIKE RULERS THEMSELVES. So UFOS AND ALIENS will BE EXPLAINED HOWEVER THE FUCK IT SUITS THEM AND WHEN IT SUITS THEM. They will likely give us a BOLDFACED LIE OF AN EXPLANATION which THEY CAN TWIST AND ADJUST TO BEST SUIT THE GLOBAL POLITICIAL CLIMATE AT THAT POINT IN TIME. Anything from SPACE JESUS/SPACE YAHWE HAS RETURNED to MY GAWD... THEY ARE INVADING US! In the meantime, we are going to hear ONE STUUUUUPID EXCUSE AFTER ANOTHER FOR WHY WE CANNOT BE TOLD WHAT UFOS ARE. EVERY GOD-COMPLEX CULT IN HISTORY HAS TRIED TO KEEP ITS OFTEN STUPID SECRETS FROM THE WIDER PUBLIC. It MAKES THEM FEEL "GODLY", YOU SEE? SWAMPGAS! =)
  2. Curious what others think: How much of the Social Engineering since the mid 1800s or so was this ONE screwed up family? Economics? Banking? Wars? Education? Media?
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