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Found 1 result

  1. The West currently has 2 different images in the World: 1) There is BATSHIT CRAZY America, at least since 11/9/2001. Starting wars. Spying on everyone. Developing the deadliest weapons. Pushing Robber Baron Capitalism. Woke-fucking popular culture. 2) There is - in comparison at least - the far more sensible, humanistic and less destructive European Union. Very rich? Yes. But far less of a problem for the wider world. Right? Two different halves of the West. Two different images. Two quite different entities. America APPEARS to be WHERE THE REAL POWER OVER THE WIDER WORLD LIES. But what if this is AN INVERSION or MISDIRECTION? What if America is CONTROLLED BY EUROPEAN ELITES? What if Europe's Elite PLANS WORLD EVENTS and uses "MAD AMERICA" to DO THE REALLY UNCONSCIONABLE STUFF in the world, while EUROPE MAINTAINS A FAR MORE SPOTLESS IMAGE? What if EUROPE SECRETLY CONTROLS HOLLYWOOD AND SILICON VALLEY AND WALL STREET? If it all GOES BADLY WRONG, America TAKES THE BLAME FOR EVERYTHING. But EUROPE KEEPS LOOKING QUITE INNOCENT BY COMPARISON. "HIDING YOURSELF BY MAKING SOMEONE ELSE APPEAR TO BE THE CULPRIT" ?
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