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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am new here but I used to post on David Icke's really old forums back in 2001. I have read a lot of the threads here and I am glad that the subjects seem to remain as cutting edge as they were back then. Most conspiracy boards' members are not this informed, and I can say this especially when compared to places like Vigilant Citizen. It's a good place but most will not touch the seemingly "out there" topics that David Icke usually talks about. I remember sending an email to DI in 1999 about my opinion on the reptilian theory, saying it was ridiculous and such. And I was surprised to get an angry reply back from Icke saying I was wrong and that I did not do any research on it. Turns out that about a year later some things happened to me, along with parallel research on the topic of aliens and UFOs that I have done that led me to confirm to myself that what Icke was saying was RIGHT. He is a good man and I am glad that he still alive informing the world about this corona scamdemic and what the real agenda behind it is.
  2. Hello curing I am a new Member from Morocco. I have and always been reading and following David Icke's books and works. Frankly speaking , he opend my eyes to a various range of Realities that were blurry to me , especially of the rapid world's events occuring and my country total submission to what the Elite West dictate. Feel free to share your perspectives and insights.
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