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  1. The more I observe conspiracy-forums, the more I believe that plausible sounding garbage is being deliberately injected into discussions to make conspiracy researchers discredit themselves. What I mean is that people are served false theories of how XYZ happened purely so that at a later stage the theory is discredited and with it everyone who bought and championed it. Prime Example: - The CIA posts complete BULLSHIT online pretending to be "Q" or "Q Anon" - Millions of Americans become enthralled with Q's Diarrhea Drops - The CIA then goads a bunch of them into occupying the U.S. Capitol for a very brief time - BOOM - Q followers blow up and sink like the TITANIC This is what I mean by TRAP. You believe and believe and believe and then they just go "YOU FELL FOR IT, STUPID!" My favorite example is the "HOLOGRAM PLANES ON 9/11" They almost certainly used REAL, MODIFIED 757s FLYING ON AUTOPILOT. BUT PEOPLE KEEP BELIEIVING IN "NO PLANES, HOLOGRAMS!"
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