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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! As the title suggests this is about one of the strangest and most memorable recurring dreams I used to have as a child, at around 5 years old. So the dream always began with me skipping alongside my parents to what was at the time, the local playground. As we approached the play area my dad would notice and point out a new piece of equipment, which appeared to be a slide that went into the ground, there would be a short conversation between my parents and I about where the slide led to, with my dad always reassuring my mom and I that it must pop out somewhere else and for me to go and slide down it and then we would see! So, every time I had this dream I would run over and jump onto this slide that went into the ground, and every time I found myself sort of squeezed through a weird piece of machinery in atom form and then find myself put back together but trapped inside a tiny room. I would panic and then after a few seconds notice there were display screens on which I could see my parents, standing by the bench having a cigarette, still in their coats and shoes, mom with her handbag etc, then they would turn around and I would see that they were now human sized mantis looking insect people, I would experience intense terror then suddenly wake up. I had this dream every night for at least a year and then suddenly it stopped. Just curious if anyone has any opinions or thoughts really?!
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