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Found 1 result

  1. Take a look at the blurb on the Beeb website this morning, 3/1/21. It seems that the powers that be have decided that the Oxford Astro Zeneca type of vaccine (viral vector/traditional) should not be given to those over 65. Why that age, I wonder - why not 62 or 70? Some 65 year olds are at death's door and some are fit as butchers' dogs. Reasoning: apparently it is not effective enough at lowering C19 symptoms in those above that age (it doesn't seem to be killing any of them either!). They, the powers that be imply - (I'd bet) from now onward that these older folks will be injected (often against their will/any in homes who don't consent or whose powers or attorney don't consent will be removed from said home) with the mRNA type vaccine. These people forming the largest experimental human test subject group for any form of treatment/vaccine for any pathogen in the history of humans ever!. The new mRNA tech is an unknown card about which many (not openly of course) scientists and medics have serious concerns re: long term consequences. Apparently it protects against c19 very well indead oops! Indeed by lessening the severity of symptoms (ok!) but some reports suggest that if they (old people of the very fragile) are near death anyway this will push them over the edge. Probably pretty much as expected with a cytokine storm of T-cell reaction kicking in over any new pathogen (I'm no expert though). Let us see eh, how many of these people over 65 are alive, well and have had no significant allergies or adverse reactions to the mRNA jabs by this time next year? How many will have developed immunity to the virus and then again let's see them in 5 years, then 10! Additionally, let's see the data for those in ALL AGE GROUPS WORLDWIDE. If they are alive and kicking, great! But if not humm......very interesting indeed....
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