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Found 4 results

  1. Source: http://www.resonancescience.org/ Scotland (1), Israel (2), China (3), Turkey (4), Egypt (5), India (6), Germany (7), Bulgaria, Sweden (9), France (10), Czech Republic (11), Greece (12) The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol found throughout the world. A fundamental pattern of sacred geometry. The flower of life encodes the structure of the fabric of our reality. Nassim Haramein has recently shown that the flower of life pattern is also the key geometric pattern to describe quantum gravity. In Haramein's peer-reviewed paper, "Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass," it is shown that the 3D flower-of-life pattern can be used to describe the gravitational field of any object, filling any sphere (a proton, a planet, a galaxy) with tiny voxels (spherical pixels), which perfectly fill space and have the diameter of the Planck distance (the smallest possible vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum, or the size of a fundamental pixel of our reality). Nassim calculates the information present within the volume of any sphere using the 3D flower-of-life pattern and compares it to the information projected holographically onto the surface of the sphere in a similarly 2D flower-of-life mosaic pattern to generate a geometric solution for the gravitational field. Something that has been right under our noses, or paws, in the case of the Fu Lions, all this time! How did they know the geometry of the Planck-scale overlapping spherical oscillating waveforms that make up the proton, and hence, all atoms, and hence, all matter in the universe?
  2. 2 mins of forgotten footage found in a library dumpster. He talks about immortal souls which cannot be destroyed.
  3. I don't believe the Rothschild's are JEWS. The stink of SULPHUR/RITUAL CANDLES is too strong with the Rchilds. America in turn ACTS NOTHING like a Christian nation. Wars, wars, wars. Profit, profit, profit. Jesus would NOT approve. So is America + Israel really a Judeo-Christian love affair? Or is it actually a UNHOLY UNION, with Christianity and Judaism not even factoring into the story? I'm of the opinion that neither country stands with God. I actually think that both DESPISE God. "In God We Trust" Yes, sure you do...
  4. Basic Summary: - After Tesla died, a (Communist?) nephew he hated all his life tried to forcibly get hold of Tesla's Documents - The U.S. Government moved in, fearing that the AXIS powers may get hold of the "Death Ray" - Donald Trump's uncle - a scientist at MIT - was the first expert to examine the huge troves of documents seized - There wasn't much new there, Trump reported, apart from a method to send Electricity through the EARTH'S CRUST using RESONANCE - But a young SCIENTIST named FITZGERALD, who was a CONFIDANT OF TESLA in his last years, contacted the U.S. Government - FITZGERALD knew things about the DEATH RAY from talks with TESLA - FITZGERALD was DRAFTED INTO THE U.S. MILITARY AND GIVEN AN R&D UNIT TO DEVELOP A WORKING "DEATH RAY" - TESLA claimed that his Death Ray "COULD MELT THE ENGINE OF AN ENEMY AIRPLANE FROM 250 MILES AWAY" before dying https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla/Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03
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