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Found 3 results

  1. Is Dajjal Triggering Earthquakes in Nations that are Not Submitting to him? | Sufi Meditation Center
  2. The weather here in the Netherlands is cold since the past month (it usually gets warmer by mid-April). And I was thinking about it, that it might have been manipulated by the HAARP technology, in order to perpetuate that gloomy feeling and possibly to prepare us for something even worse (a global collapse of the economy). What do you guys think?
  3. Mention of Golden retrievers old vegan thread, with Monsanto food production and food control reminded me we had just started discussing what seemed to be fake harvest failures and crop reductions on the old forum. As with everything they plan the rumour starts then reality starts following soon after in a carefully scripted 'coincidence.' This from an east Anglia farming paper. Bold text mine East Anglian farmers are facing another huge weather headache after a bone-dry spring sowing season. National Farmers’ Union vice president Tom Bradshaw, who farms at Fordham, near Colchester, said only a few weeks ago, farmers were desperate for dry weather – but now they are having too much of it. It was clear that they were now seeing more weather extremes and volatility than previously, he added. If the dry spell goes on for another two weeks, it would start to cause real problems. On his own farm, his wheat crop would start to be compromised, he
said. Guy Smith, who farms at St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea – one of the driest parts of the country – admitted it had been a difficult growing season. “In the last six weeks we have gone from worrying about getting machinery stuck after the winter deluge to fallowing land due to spring drought. Because of lack of rain he is now irrigating the replacement spring wheat to try to get it to grow. To go from getting two to three times our average rainfall in the five months October to February to then get seven weeks with no significant rain is the most perverse turnaround I’ve ever witnessed. “Fertiliser is not getting washed into the crops we did get established in the autumn and anything spring-drilled into cobbly seedbeds is struggling to establish. Rain over the next couple of weeks may put things back on track, but prospects for harvest 2020 look grim.”
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