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Found 9 results

  1. Someone from the NGO world told me that Universal Basic Income NGOs are being set up or have been set up in multiple countries. They seem to be set up and run by the usual suspects in those countries. They are being set up to lobby for and promote UBI introduction in those countries. The person who spoke to me on condition of anonimity said that the foundations already exist in countries outside the USA/EU zone. Schwab appears to want Universal Basic Income introduced across the world.
  2. Have not had time to watch till the end, but it seems like a great video to educate "normies": (About WEF, SCHWAB, BLACKROCK, NEW WORLD ORDER, GREAT RESET AGENDA)
  3. Geneva is upset apparently: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/adrian-monck-world-economic-forum-house-interview-1.6571569?
  4. A topic capturing what neofeudalism is, how it relates to the great reset, Klaus Schwab "you will own nothing and be happy", universal credit and the collapse of the middle classes and independent business that we are seeing in Covid.
  5. Been watching a reading a lot of what this amazing woman has to say. Will post a couple of Guardian articles and books of hers too. She cannot stand Bill Gates and calls him out scientifically, and in an educated manner.
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