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  1. I'm not actually anti nwo my friends, but rather totally against the mythology that will get utilized to bring down human numbers (herd). I also believe humanity should already have installed a two for two law bi-pedal replacement law installed years ago back; in the seventies. Pretty much no one within these social internet speak-out groups understand that there is a power above the Rothschild banking system, of which tells their family and the conjoined pyramidal families what it is exactly -?- that their to do here on Earth, and in regard to your specific family numbers; etc. * The off world bi-pedals over-top of the Rothschilds family it isn't religious; nor is it political. However, because everyone down yonder here on Earth was subliminalized into multiple religious/political 'OPINION,' then pretty much 'de-threading' a data flow is pretty easy to achieve while folks live within a constant tail spin of illusion as they await some type of Savior that does all the work for them. * In my mind the main reason few people awaken is COMFORT ZONE. We all understand that if person XYZ is getting a check that their pretty much not going to rock their own boat. * SO... My purpose is to never conjoin to argument, opinion, and or debate. I know the why's of what is coming upon humanity, I just don't agree with the nwo's method as to exactly how the coming down-grades achieve the Georgia Guide-stones 500 million. I understand that we humans are indeed planet killers, while believing it's our right to do whatever we want. And I get the off world-ers reasons for the nwo designer group here on Earth as to control the outcome, and that I vehemently agree on the human downgrading to be essential, but doing this by utilizing atomic/nuclear as to achieve those lower numbers ----- is moronic! At best the Elites will have allowed for the destruction of how much viable farm land? So, simplistically U get pregnant twice & we snip your man while we tie up Ur tubes, and that we also utilize every method of chase for collecting the Logans Runners, and fix em -- hog tied style. There will always need to be a chair in the corner of the chalkboard with little billy-joe-bob rewriting he will NOT interrupt the teacher and or rethread the story-lines greater truth. * I also believe that U --- every single one of U should be living the glorious lifespans that exceed the old testament patriarchs. I believe college should be free to EVERYONE. All peoples should be allowed to pray to whom ever they want. Children and women should be adored and protected, Nuclear bombs should always get pointed at the asteroids/meteorites and not @ other nations. And that we shouldn't have friggin borderlines to begin with! We should be on mars terra-forming, and at the same time building homes of excellence here on Earth --- for that 500 million --- while cleaning this planet becomes our soul purpose of work, and as we create enough healthy farm food for everyone --- while school teachers and farmers are paid the MOST. * With alchemic stem cell https://www.neilriordan.com/stem-cell-institute/ now enabling people to rejuvenate -- we could easily have all peoples working for the greater good 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, and living marvelously. * We should be preparing for wars against reptilians, and not other humans! We should be researching force-feild technologies and flying craft that exceed star-trek and the likes. Homeostasis health foods, and perfected vitamins lines with monster drinks on crack backed by glorious Nootropics, as Paul Stamets research on Mushrooms, and DMT, leads the way to better mental health, and that all people everywhere under the new procreation 2 for 2 law will be free to believe whatever they want! * In time (out there in space) we'd eventually grow up -- grow a pair, and understand what those little enli enki gods understand... Mars wouldn't have been given to us for free, and so we'd finally learn to respect Mother Earth, too! However, because we have a bunch of 'Greed's Get More' running the show through idiota religions back here on Earth of which their all hell-bent on political war, then we're screwed into going the book of revelation wars, or are we? Can we re-sight all the Nutbags of religion to finally stop them from believing that God (that great eternal spirit) is the murderer, and that its not actually us humans who are responsible? * Yes religious right go ahead and quote another friggin scripture while backing the religious wars of your favorite politicians that have all destroyed our planets economic abilities with a real pLandemic. * It's no wonder that the off world bi-pedals want our numbers downgraded. And, Ironically as we'll pretty much blame any elitist for our demise, I've yet to see an Elitist to stop men and women from having sex? Makes me wonder why the coming shit storm isn't the actual fault --- of the commoners?
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