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Found 2 results

  1. Attendees from the medical profession, let me outline the exercise for you: - A new volcano rises out of the Pacific Ocean - At first it spews lava and ash - Then the eruption subsides and ALIEN SPACECRAFT fly out of the volcano - They are shaped like white TicTacs, so we know they are not from this world and the Americans did not manufacture them - The TicTacs head towards Japan in a formation which resembles a giant cucumber - The spacecraft come to a sudden halt over Tokyo - They begin to drop thousands of genetically modified cockroaches into the city - At first the citizens of Tokyo just take pictures and videos - But soon a middle aged birthing person screams - a cockroach has bitten her in her big toe! - The birthing person turns green and begins to burp uncontrollably - The cockroach was carrying a virulent virus, and the birthing person is now infected with an unknown illness, which is bad! - Tokyo Health Authority takes immediate action, and videocalls the Government of Mexico for guidance - The ilness is codenamed Cucaracha-24 by the quick-thinking WHO Now, attendees from the esteemed medical profession, we need to SIMULATE what happens next! Please speak your ideas into the MICROPHONE in front of you, and also briefly talk about your relevant medical expertise. Let the simulation begin!
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