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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. I am suspicious that this man was tricked or hypnotized into killing 4 innocents so that other TIs and Gangstalking victims appear not as suffering victims but as violence or death waiting to happen. My guess is that we'll see 2 or 3 more incidents like this. TIs won't be able to say a peep about what is being done to them anymore. They will become completely isolated. People will immediately call the police. TIs are dangerous all of a sudden... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11089359/Police-Suspect-slayings-4-Ohio-arrested-Kansas.html?ito=native_share_article-top
  2. During the whole Iraq War debacle, there were many well known names who spoke out against the establishment. Quite a few spoke TRUTH to POWER, wrote articles challenging the Status Quo, went on TV to protest. All around the world. But they are largely SILENT now. I personally do not think they have been BOUGHT with money. A handful maybe. I think the STRONGEST of them may have been VICIOUSLY HARRASSED into total silence with ELF technology and gangstalking techniques. They cannot talk about it because: a) The public would say its "Crazy Talk" b) The harrassment may come back, and this time in a LETHAL form They wouldn't have to do it to 1,000 people. Severly traumatizing the 30 strongest and loudest would be enough. They would quietly warn the others to keep their heads down and stay silent. "They have a technology so powerful that it cannot be fought or resisted. Don't say anything." I'm trying to find another explanation but nothing else really sticks. There should be HUNDREDS of well known names SLAMMING Schwab, questioning the MRNA vaccines, speaking out against SURVEILLANCE. How is it that NOT 1 WELL KNOWN NAME HAS PUBLICLY SPOKEN OUT ABOUT GANGSTALKING? Its so COMMON that they MUST HAVE AT LEAST HEARD ABOUT IT BY NOW. IMO there is only one explanation. S I L E N C E C A U S E D B Y G R E A T F E A R A N D T H R E A T O F D E A T H Some of them have been ASSAULTED SO CRUELLY AND VICIOUSLY WITH ELECTRICAL WEAPONS IN THEIR OWN HOMES, OR CARS OR OFFICES that the rest is ALSO SCARED... Make sense to anyone? Am I seeing this right?
  3. - Many of the people who are TIs are NOT IMPORTANT PEOPLE... neither rich nor well connected... certainly not powerful enough to foment a revolution or bring down a major corporation - By all acounts the technology was ALREADY HIGHLY DEVELOPED during the Cold War years. I find it doubtful that after DECADES of R&D they still need to "test in the real world". - So WHY are HUNDREDS of people around the world being RUINED with the technology and the gangstalking actors? POSSIBLE ANSWER: BECAUSE REALLY ELITE PEOPLE ARE PAYING TO WATCH THESE PEOPLE BEING TORTURED UNTIL THEY BREAK A SORT OF "YOUTUBE OF MISERY" WHERE A FEW MILLION DOLLARS LETS YOU WATCH IN REALTIME AS ORDINARY PEOPLE SUFFER AND DISINTEGRATE TIs think they are being "gangstalked by a local group of people". IN REALITY, THE ULTRA-PRIVILEGED SIT THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY IN FRONT OF SATELLITE TERMINALS AND WATCH LIVE FEEDS OF THIS BARBARIC SHIT AS IF IT IS "ENTERTAINMENT"... MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE?
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