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Found 1 result

  1. MSM media has just told me something frightening. Apparently there are these people on the internet who are... CONSPIRACY TERRISTS! They are FRIGHTENING people who READ things online and DISCUSS them! Even worse - they have OPINIONS which are not SANCTIONED by the MSM! I'm so FRIGHTENED by these people I can barelZy write straight. Imagine you are sleeping at night, and there is a "bump" noise, and one of these CONSPIRACY TERRISTS is inside your house! I am so frightened by this that I NEVER miss a TV program by Marianna Spring. She is the BRAVEST JOURNALIST in the whole world. The dangerous TERRISTS could come after her at any time. Yer she BRAVES THE DANGERS and tries to EXPOSE these DANGEROUS TERRISTS who LIVE ON THE INTERNET. Without people like her, these TERRISTS would TERROR SOCIETY TO PIECES!
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