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  1. I'm at the point where I am no longer merely disappointed with MSM but feel that they are traitors to humanity as a whole. Journalism is normally about defending the rights of the weak, the sick, the poor, the underprivileged, the unrepresented against the powerful, privileged and entitled. That is simply not what these 21st Century pseudo-journalists are doing. These are arrogant, entitled, deceitful and highly paid CORPORATE DRONES who are presenting shit-on-toast as though it is "journalism". A real journalist sleuths, and digs, and hunts for clues, and questions and tries to connect dots when there is a matter that could impact society as a whole. Today's extra-special FAILURISTS - not journalists - do not seem to take their job seriously at all. "I'll say and write what POWER likes and earn my promised 250K a year paycheck + special bonuses when I LIE ABOMINALLY to the general public." What happens when citizen journalists and non-aligned activists and intellectuals attempt to fill the gaping news analysis VACUUM left by these profit- and comfort-hungry FAILURISTS? "AAAAAH! AAAAAH! FALSE NEWS! DISINFORMATION! CONSPIRACY THEORIES!" F off, droneborgs... Maybe we should call these people the CLOGGED PIPE MEDIA rather than MAINSTREAM MEDIA as THERE ISN'T MUCH COMING OUT THE END OF THIS RUSTY OLD PIPE. Regular people get fired when they don't do their jobs properly. This bunch APPEARS TO GET PAID MORE WHEN IT DOES LESS.
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