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Found 1 result

  1. Conspiracy theories are being produced and published in greater quantity and to greater audiences than ever before. Sometimes the exact same world event will be pinned, variously, on the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Sabbateans, the Illuminati, various Skull and Bones type secret societies, the Vatican, the Jewish lobby, the UN, fraudulent NGOs, Corporate Frontmen, Silicon Valley, the Banking Families, the Luciferians, the Communist states, Demons from another realm, the Extraterrestrials, various governments and government agencies, the Mafia and so on and so forth, by different authors and differrent theorists. How do you go about separating fact from faulty analysis from outright fiction (e.g. UFO lore made up because it makes money)? How do you go about evaluating what is factually correct or plausible, and what is junk?
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