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Found 4 results

  1. Note: Watch from 8 MINS 30 SECS... the beginning is just fluff. Bill Gates opining in 2018 that Wind, Solar, other renewables, new battery technologies and many other BUZZY things are NOT, at this point, capable of solving Climate Change, and that peoples' minds have been "screwed up by the term clean energy". WATCH FROM 8 MINS 30 SECS
  2. Ok so here's the thing. I never post here, I only read. But this I have to share. WARNING, long post.... Since childhood I have experienced stuff, that I could not explain. I have had 2 OBEs and some other strange things happening to me. I am telling you this, so that hopefully what I am about to say might seem more believable (since there is a lot of fraud out there). A few years ago, I sought counseling from Carol Clarke (the wonderful woman, whom David Icke wrote about a couple of years ago) and she too was quite astonished of my energy (She saw, that my energy was pure violett and blue, something she has very seldom experienced. She told me, that I vibrate on a very high level and that this is something very special. She and I met before in a previous life... very very very long ago). One experience I want to share, before I get to the point: One OBE I had was when I was 10 because I suffered from an overproduction of white blood cells. My fever was so high, it almost killed me. That night, I was "pulled" out of my body. I was wide awake. I was pulled out and started floating, suddenly my dark room changed into another realm, where I saw lots of roman collumns around me. I was still floating upward. I was scared, shocked to death what was happening to me. I screamed for my brother to come and help me. While I was scared to death, I noticed that I "saw" two worlds at the same time. With my physical eyes I saw our world, where I was lying in bed, panicking and my parents trying to calm me down. My mother started crying and saying: "My son has mad cow disease and is dying!" (BSE being the "Pandemic" at the time) My father yelling at my mother to focus and get a wet rag to cool my hot forehead, since I was quote: "buring up". While I observed all this, I was in a parallel world. The world with all the roman collumns. Peaceful. Bliss. Blue sky. Calm. I don't know after how long, but suddenly I was sucked back in to my body and was "back here". My father measured my temperature and was certain, the thermometer was broken. I had no more fever. It was gone. "This is not possible" he said. The next day I was healthy, hungry, active, as if I never was sick. I discussed this with Carol Clarke and she actually only confirmed, what I knew all along. The reason why I was "pulled out" of my body, was to be healed. I healed I was. "They" took me out, because I was not yet to leave this realm. (who are "They"? I don't know.) How was I healed? Well, I could give myself a good and relatable explanation: If your car needs to be serviced. you bring it to the shop. But you have to get out of the car, so the car can get fixed. That is what I experienced. I was pulled out, so that my body could get fixed - thats it. After I was "fixed", a couple of years later, I started having "contact" with a being named "Uriel". I don't like the term archangel, since these are words, we humans gave those beings. To me, it's a being of higher consciousness and I don't know what to call it. To me, it's just Uriel, who has stayed in contact with me for a long time now. I was about 18 and I noticed that I felt something. I lived alone in a small appartement above my fathers appartement. I was lying in bed one night trying to sleep and I noticed again, that something was there. I spoke with the empty room, feeling ridicoulus, saying: "When I wake up, I want to know, who you are and what your name is!" Next morning I woke up: "URIEL". I did some research online and found a lot about the "archangel". Now, I grew up in a religous family. I was raised as a Jehovas Witness and learned about archangels, but I never heard the name Uriel. The Jehovas Witnesses concentrated more on the archangels Michael and Gabrel. I never heard of Uriel and never researched that name before. When I was 15 i left the JW, because according to their theory, I shoud be posessed by satan, if I had contact with beings. I never told them, what I experienced, but I knew, that was nothing for me, so I left. Uriel is very compassionate, but also direct. It has many times told me directly, when I was the cause of a problem in my life. I learned a lot from it, especially I learned a lot about my human body, the limited mind and the unlimited potential we humans have. Whenever I ask Uriel something, it buts in to my thoughts, already giving me the answer, before I even could finish "thinking" my question. It explained to me in form of pictures in my head, why this fells so. When I think something, it's like sending data from one user to the other. like a package. while my brain has not yet completed the process of thinking, Uriel has already received the package, thus being able to answer so quickly, so it may seem, that it is butting in to my thoughts. Every time it connects with me, I get a cold shiver - even on the hottest summer day. The cold shiver doesn't feel like the regular ones. It is a special feeling, one that I immediately feel, as if I am connecting with a VPN Network (I am an IT Guy, so I do use computer terms a lot for this). Uriel told me, that it may sound complicated, but I am it and it is me. We both are the same being. We all are. We - every single living being in the entire universe is one and the same being. God? God is a word we created to characterize this great conscousness. Now you know just a little bit about me and so on. I normally don't write about my connection to other beings (there are more), but now I think its time to share this. Uriel told me the following on current events (about 3 weeks ago): "Your world is entering a unique state of vibration. This is where everything can change - and will. Tough times will follow, you have to stay strong, compassionate towards eachother. For some time, it will seem hopeless, but be aware, there are other forces at work. Forces benevolent towards humans, towards earth. The manipulating forces will not succeed. Change your mindsets. Don't believe. KNOW. KNOW, that you are being helped. KNOW, that you are strong. KNOW, that your conscousness is unquestionally more powerful than that of the manipulating forces. They know that, they fear that." I asked Uriel more questions, but this message was the most important one. FYI: Michael Jackson was singing about this comming time in the song: "another part of me". Here are the lyrics: We're takin' over We have the truth This is the mission to see it through Don't point your finger Not dangerous This is our planet You're one of us We're sendin' out a major love And this is our message to you (message to you) The planets are linin' up We're bringin' brighter days They're all in line waitin' for you Can't you see? You're just another part of me Out from a nation I feel the truth The final message we'll bring to you There is no danger to feel the truth So come again We need you We're sendin' out a major love And this is our message to you (message to you) The planets are linin' up We're bringin' brighter days They're all in line waitin' for you So know the truth You're just another part of me We're sendin' out a major love And this is our message to you (message to you) The planets are linin' up We're bringin' brighter days They're all in line waitin' for you Can't you see? You're just another part of me Another part of me We're taking over This is the truth, baby Another part of me
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