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Found 2 results

  1. Let's just boil this down into plain English so it's easy to understand and not complicated in the least bit anyways and well cisgendered men and cisgendered women are a pretty bullheaded bunch that don't seem to understand the basics of the biology and even the sciences for that matter including neurology on top of that. Cisgendered Psychics being just men with the chromosome 46 XY (Devolution) who are straight males and then women with just chromosomes that are 44 XX (Devolution) who are straight women only have just there brains in there heads with there foresights, third eyes and then there other six charkas from within there body. Makes them only just psychics and that they don't have ethereal soul bodies or soul apertures from within them and that there just an etheric energy from within there own body which is much different from the likes of those who are ethereal bodied people belong to the intergendered mystic community. The intergendered mystic community on the other hand are more like this in a nutshell which goes like so male/female, female/male, female/male and male/female and then also female/male, male/female, male/female and female/male as well where the chromosomes work out like so and that you might think that this satanism when it's the other way around. 47 XXY/47 YYX (Male/Female) and (Female/Male) = Evolution 48 XXXY/48 YYYX (Male/Female) and (Female/Male) = Evolution 49 XXXXY/49 YYYYX (Male/Female) and (Female/Male) = Evolution Mystics operate in there heads and in there hearts by default but we don't have third eyes, foresights and well we do have the charkas from within us just six of them because third eyes we abandoned that system from within us along time ago because psychics like to play satanic magic tricks on us quite a bit and that well cisgendered men including cisgendered women I really don't care how "holy" they say they are there still the type to carry satanic magic tricks on our bodies and that well defending ourselves as such gets to be a pretty interesting thing in itself and well cisgendered people still call us satanists which is a total joke and well the things that they come up like psychedelics I still consider that to be satanic magic even if it's downplayed as something that god and people of god use to enhance there spirituality however psychedelic drugs are used more by psychics who like to falsely advertise themselves as mystics like us intergendered men/women and intergendered women/men from the womb and that well when I come across these cisgendered psychics they like to tell with there psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies with there vocal vibrations and vocal sub vibrations that there mystics and that I ignore what is told to me from the outside of my body because that's just the mental illnesses of the cisgendered psychics playing there delusional fantasies of wanting to be god or something like that. Psychics are red in there heads because there dead in there heads, because they needs meds and there fucked in the head
  2. If you think it's a smart idea to use psychedelic drugs of any kind well you might want to reconsider not using based on some recent scientific analysis and study that I have done that shows based on the hours and hours of reading I did along with some side studying I realized that psychedelics of all kinds doesn't actually heal a person from within it does quite the opposite and that well if you thought the scientific community stood with the idea of using such a biohazardous substance that is more or less to me a byproduct of biological and chemical warfare. Even if you think it's safe to use by the word of somebody portraying itself as an educated scientist in say a field of study with a degree, masters degree, doctorate or PhD in biology and chemistry then I would definitely ask the person if they where educated in the universities first and foremost. Where if they don't have that piece of paper saying that there smart enough to tell it's safe and whoever they maybe are probably not very well educated in the first place and there suggestions are a haphazard at best because you need to look at the chemical analysis of this stuff and understand what kind of biological it has on the body and what kind damage it can do to your DNA/RNA and chromosomes and if you think your superman or superwoman in your head and that body is indestructible well it's not and that the body of god can still be damaged by it's own creations and that it's not really immortal and indestructible like everything else it has ever created. I would like to think that psychedelics are a tool for not just rendering the biology of the body take for example conversion therapy that involves the use of psychedelics to turn naturally born transgendered, bigendered, queergendered and intergendered into cisgendered men and cisgendered women so that there is no god in the heavens anymore from the way the cisgendered men and cisgendered women put it and that they would use transhumanism to rebuild god in there own image and keep it on earth forever to make a new satan for the new age of Aquarius and that I always suspected that humanity on earth wanted to capture god from the heavens above and render it's people including itself in it's full embodiment wherever it might on earth and that it's home is not earth but somewhere else out in the black of space far away from earth and that earth is just a colony world of it. https://www.psychedelic-library.org/grofchro.htm https://www.glaad.org/conversiontherapy https://whatistranshumanism.org See the funny thing about the right wing is they hate the use of psychedelic drugs but like to use it on 'homosexuals or transindividuals" in a process called conversion therapy to change and mutate the genetics or chromosomes to more inline with the cisgendered men or cisgendered women of earth. But want to use transhumanism something the right wing calls the devil or satan because it's of the left wing but insists that the likes of transgendered, bigendered, queergendered and intergendered people born from the womb are the people of satan when there not at all like that in any way shape or form at all. Say if somebody who is 47 XXY is a highly evolved individual from birth takes a hit of LSD then chances are they might become 46 XY from that one hit and that possibly means that somebody 48 XXXY who is a highly evolved individual from birth takes a hit of LSD then chances are they might become somebody with 46 XY as an example and that well like I say I caution the use of drugs like this in first place and nobody should suggest to anyone good or bad to use something as dangerous as LSD or any other type of psychedelic drug on the black market because how it can render a people of god with 47 XXY or 48 XXXY into a people of satan which are people who are 46 XY or 44 XX.
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