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Found 9 results

  1. I Feel that these people and their stories need to be reassessed again thoroughly... Because If it is true that he was a servant of God and was The Lamb (Yahshua) who opened the seven seals thereof and to bring Harmonisation between the old and new testaments, and for John to see... Than we really need to be aware of the fact that in Revelation 10 where Clive Doyle says that see where we see through history all servants of God (Jesus/YAHSHUA) were killed and casted out... and where David Thibodeau beside him than says at one point, "you know, why would God make all of these sacrifices for nothing? So that people can live all fine and dandy in there homes and have air conditioning later on in the future?" He Really hits the nail on the head right there. So, if Koresh was a servant of God, and was Jesus/YAHSHUA...and, that was back during revelations through 1 to 10 in 1993 and now that it's 2024, perhaps it's a warning for what's to come next? And perhaps maybe we are drawing closer to the End of the world? revelation 18.1 the rising of the son, yours throughout the land, how long shall we serve man? No longer this land is it possible that the Lamb comes before the Lion? And the Lion is also David? where we learn the truth before the end of the world? That that there's a synagogue of Satan proclaiming to be Jews who are not actually Jews but their actions get Blamed on real Jews, etc? (revelation 2.9 reference) ...and the fake god Elon Musk, Artificial intelligence, Technological unveiling, the Kabbalah, Epstein, World Economic Forum, Pizzagate, Killer vaccines, brain chips, nuclear war, rebuild? how long shall we serve man? No longer this land...because I think we are all getting lonely in here, and Jesus goes through Hell to get his message across... just like all of us I Love You
  2. Dear members of the forum, I am motivated and excited to join your community. This forum contains a lot of interesting posts. I am an Italian supporter of David Icke. My current goal is to be in touch with a British fan of this author. I concretely appreciate the theories, books and documentaries by this writer. I hope that his work can concretely change the World. If someone is interested, they can send me a private message. I thank everyone for their kind attention and effort. I wish you a lovely evening . Regards,
  3. The Truth About The Global Cult |How The Elite Control Your Life! #media #thetruth #government
  4. Yesterday I had an Interesting day. It was Interesting because, what I encountered, experienced, felt, and regretted...was like no other. My vehicle needed fuel, so I stopped at the gas station. and when I was refueling, I happened to see a gentleman on the opposite side of the pumps where I was parked, doing the same. His dress code was that of your ordinary teenager... low top sneakers, baggy sweat pants, sweater, a typical look these days for younger males. And at a distance from where I stood, (which was great) I could see the color of his hair, which was long. He had a long beard as well, Which was almost the same color of the hair on his head. At that point, I assumed he was a much older gentlemen dressed like a teenager. He proceeded to walk past me Into the gas station to pay for his gas, but as he did, I was looking the opposite way as I was still refueling, I remember being distracted by something else which I can't recall was, too. Curious to get a closer look at the fellow, I quickly hurried to screw on the cap and walk In. But as I was just about to walk In, he was on his way out. I opened the door, and held it open for him. He seemed to be In a big hurry and I only caught a quick glimpse of his Maskless face as he walked by and said ''Thank You Sir.''. By the way, Nova scotia in Canada currently has no mask mandates. the government is letting the people decide if they should wear them or not. (for now) Anyways... When I finally seen him up close during that short time he walked by me, what I thought was a beard and long hair was not at all a beard or long hair, It was his face hanging off his Head. (Like it was melting off) So right there and then, I assumed It was some Illness, or birth defect. And felt sorry for the man. But, right there and then, for some strange reason It crossed my mind, a thought, a thought that was so horrible to even imagine, A thought that compelled me to say something to the clerk at the store as the man entered his vehicle... I said to the clerk: Do you think that's a Mask? I think that's a mask. I don't know for sure, but there's a high chance that It is. And the clerk looked at me like any other person would In astonishment over what I said, he said ''no I dont think so haha, It looks pretty real.''. I felt like a fool for saying what I said to the clerk, and an asshole. But I couldn't help but think how the clerk might of thought for a second, (aside from how strange I came off as) That, ''What If that was a Mask? what If that was what that man chose to walk around In on April 30th, 2022?'' What If the clerk Knew just like you and me do, as well, That there are people In this world that would do that, If they knew that some people would look at them the same way I did, but Instead of assuming how I assumed that they have an Illness or Birth defect, Assume that CLIMATE CHANGE Is responsible for it? or associate It with WHAT IF... That man's opinion of what a Mask should look like Is that of a horrifying costume that looks like his face and head Is melting off? due to climate change? 1 - https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/this-is-fine 2- https://emojipedia.org/melting-face/ 3- https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/internet/new-emoji-melting-face 4 - https://emojipedia.org/face-without-mouth/ (I know this sounds crazy) But please try to understand, my friend.. ..After you check out the links that I posted here about the latest emoji's for 2021-2022, And, The meaning of one particular emoji called, ''the melting face'' And then compare It to another emoji called, ''face without mouth'', etc, I Think you will see the major connection that this has with the other thing that I'm talking about In my other posts/research. I will also post some Pictures/Memes I found That you can find on the Internet, too, regarding This ''melted face'' sub-culture/fandom(thing). I have a suspicion that this ''thing'' Is closely related to Elon Musk and this other ''thing'' of his that is called ''I support the current thing''. I would like to say that If I am wrong about this man wearing a melted face costume/makeover, and, If They do have a serious medical related condition that causes your face to look like it's sliding off, I want to express my most sincerest feelings to, and, ..If you are that man reading this, please, continue to never wear a mask. I would rather see you for who you are rather than some thing that would wear a mask to hide shame or embarrassment. Remember, the shame and embarrassment you share with me, Knows the difference between right and wrong, Whilst the other ''thing's'' shame and embarrassment, does not. So that is something to be proud of. I send you all my love and, God bless you.
  5. Kingdom Hearts. A game created by Disney and Square Enix. A beautiful, philosophical story between the battle of Light (the good) vs Darkness (the evil), in which it shows the might of love in contrast with hatred. I won’t go too much into details of all the complexities of the story’s and the meanings, but for individuals who are familiar with David Icke’s work, there is an undeniable similarity between the characteristics of the evil force in the game series and of that of which David refers to as ‘Archons’. Here’s a list of some similarities I have found: 1: The evil force in the game has the aim to take over worlds of ‘light’ by making the people succumb to negative emotions through the use of their minions called “the heartless” (David calls these psychopaths responsible for chaos ‘heartless’). 2: The ‘bad guys’ responsible for the darkness is called ‘The Organisation’ (similar to David’s ‘The Cult‘) which has 13 members (a number which is significant, as David would say) also said to be absent of hearts, who are ruled by an elderly man with a white beard (David has stated the significance of old white-bearded men shown symbolically), his name is Xeahnort (an anagram for no heart with an x - all members of the organisation have an x in their name). 3: These bad guys have a uniform of wearing a black cloak (again, another satanic symbolism mentioned by Icke). 4: The leader of the organisation, reveals that he has the ability to possess others he sees as a fit ‘vessel’ to carry out his evil plans. (Like how the Cult use individuals of power as puppets) 5: Xeahnort’s weapon has a reptilian-like eye on it which is referred to as an ‘all seeing eye’ which apparently can see into future and past (reptilian of course, referring to ‘Archontic’ beings - and also the reference of time which ties into David’s points about Chronos - the white-bearded God of time. All seeing eye - common theme - illuminati for example). 6: There are instances in the games whereby the Organisation fabricate reality in order to separate loved ones. (Matrix) 7: The organisation members can appear into and out of form at demand. There are also more similarities which I have not yet stated, but these are the main ones which I think are the most eye catching to Icke followers like me. It’s still a mystery to me why Disney seem to expose themselves through their own portrayal of evil characters! Check out this article which speaks about the Kingdom Hearts and it’s satanic references in greater depth: Would be interested to know what you guys think about this.
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