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Found 2 results

  1. Fan collapsed, paramedics with De-fib. i wonder if they have been jabbed, I expect a few more scenarios to unfold like this.
  2. Just hearing that the West Brom game has been delayed 15 minutes because of a 'medical emergency' in the stands. As with the players coming off in a game last week because of a medical emergency, talk of stretchers and defibrillators and the unprecedented stopping of a game, this caught my attention - particularly as it's unusual to delay a game because of something happening in the stands. Back in my day in the 70's and 80's there would be carnage (hooliganism) on the terraces but they'd rarely stop a game. I've also seen a man die in front of me (heart attack) at Carlisle United. Also just heard in that report that Wolves (my team) have announced that every player has asked for, and received, CPR training this week. Expect more tales like this as (I believe) the media want us to become accustomed to heart issues or medical emergencies in sports arenas - as if it's ALWAYS been this way. "Nothing to see here"
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