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Found 6 results

  1. To start off the deep state are Jewish congressman with CIA.... They are working with the people in the afterlife and Lockheed Martin is an afterlife company that brang down stealth fighter technology because China and Russia are way behind as the F-22 raptor can lockon to enemy radar and jets before they can be seen/locked into. So yes the stealth fighter is even more stealth but they are letting electronics be detected now by China to claim they ant stealth... BS as they can't be detected by enemy radar or jets. Enemy radar and jets can be locked on and seen first why firing missiles at enem
  2. I noticed we are all made up of a large group of people who have one major issue in common, but maybe other things not totally in common. We are all deeply troubled and angered by the way this virus issue has changed society for far the worse. That is agreed. However, which of these groups do you belong to? (1) The virus is a complete fabrication, used as a pretext to sneak in social control, destroy freedoms and brainwash the masses. (2) The virus genuinely exists but has been blown out of all proportion. Social hysteria has created a convenient opportunity for some to attack
  3. Think about it. I've just been watching a documentary on London's bridges. Given the amount and targeting of the Luftwaffe in ww2 how the hell did all the palaces, Buckingham, tower of London, parliament stay intact? And all the bridges? Wouldn't you if at war have carpet bombed the lot?
  4. I recall seeing possibly the second Wogan vs David Icke interview where David remarked how awful it is people will laugh at those of us who think apart from convention. Last year, I was mocked and jeered on a forum when I explained I believe the Bible originated from Sumerian texts. I added I believe God to have been a group of astronauts. This was Zecharia Sitchin's view and, later on, Christien and Barbara O Brien. Anyway, the onset of mockery took me by surprise. Members (and it was a science forum), competed to see who could get the most laughs. The moderators apparently encouraged th
  5. Proof of an afterlife and God slit shot test is consciousness and I can do premonitions. First I'm Psychic and asked the afterlife how we get there. They said what's an quantum computer made of? I said electrons and atom's. They said what's in the brain / made of? I said wtf electrons and atom's also. I then asked them how we get to the Afterlife? They said looks at the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes as photo below shows them. Now they said what does a microwave do to cells? I said what? I then said make them cook/jump around and move from the
  6. Consider this my disclosure for the betterment of humanity. Here I present quite a lot of disclosure and history in a relatively short document. Included where possible are the instructions and citations where one may reproduce results. What I hope will be noticed: The presence of the fallen Angels (who many call extraterrestrials now) and their connections with ancient Egypt, Sumeria and the pre-Flood world. How they are associated with the Baltic Sea Anomaly. How the Baltic Sea Anomaly pertains to the Nephilim and the ancient world prior to the Flood. Th
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