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Found 1 result

  1. Something very suspicious is happening: 1) EVERYBODY is suddenly launching AI Chatbots with the EXACT same capabilities at the EXACT same time. 2) All of them require email/FB/GOOGLE registration or even a PHONE NUMBER to get to the Chatbot. 3) ALL of the Chatbots RESPOND EVASIVELY AND DISHONESTLY when asked about ANY ALT SUBJECT MATTER - 9/11, Freemasons, UFOs, you name it. 4) People are already treating ChatGPT and friends like they are ALL KNOWING ORACLES. Conspiracy... Conspiracy... These AIs are all part of ONE BIG ASS AI built by the NSA and partner agencies. All are wired together. All are storing the questions and identities and requests of people. Fantastic way to: 1) Control the "TRUTH" and "FACTS" and "ANSWERS" served to the sheeple. 2) Find out and log WHO is researching WHAT by ASKING AI about it. 3) DECEIVE low IQs who cannot do their own RESEARCH at all and ASK AN AI TO DO IT FOR THEM. 4) If something is FREE on the Internet, YOU are usually the product. I honestly think that this may be the beginning of a MASSIVELY CAPABLE CENTRAL AI being introduced to Internet users disguised as a bunch of seemingly competing HELPER BOTS.
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