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Found 7 results

  1. 25 inches of rainfall in 24 hours, without any Hurricane or other Superstorm being involved: https://us.cnn.com/2023/04/12/weather/florida-flash-flood-fort-lauderdale/index.html
  2. Schwab, Grimes, Harari, CERN, Gotthart Tunnel, Transhumanism, Gnosticism and more...
  3. For those who don't have time to read this: - Methane emissions strangely increased rather than decreased during the COVID lockdowns - This is despite human industrial activity and emissions into the atmosphere having slowed down considerably - Scientists believe that humans emitting less nitrogen oxide, which causes 85% of methane emitted to be broken down, may have contributed significantly to methane levels going up, amongst other factors https://www.wired.com/story/the-grim-origins-of-an-ominous-methane-surge/ The story of the other half is more ironic. When we burn fossil fuels, they produce CO2, but also nitrogen oxide, or NOx. As NOx enters the atmosphere, it produces a molecule known as the hydroxyl radical (OH), which breaks down methane. All told, OH removes about 85 percent of annual methane emissions. “During the lockdown, the emission of NOx was decreasing,” says Peng. “So the OH of the atmosphere—the methane sink—could be slowed down.” That is, as we polluted less—heavy industry spun down, flights got canceled, people stopped commuting—we also produced less of the pollutant that normally breaks down methane. It’s a second unfortunate and surprising consequence of cutting pollution: Burning fossil fuels also produces aerosols that bounce some of the sun’s energy back into space, somewhat cooling the climate. While it’s imperative that we decarbonize as quickly as possible, cutting out the beneficial effects of NOx and aerosols has some unintended—and twisted—side effects.
  4. - Since around the year 2000, many governments and NGOs have been screaming "Climate Change! Climate Change! Its the end! Aaaaargh!" - The CLEVEREST way to counter CC would have been to create a FREE DESIGN SOFTWARE which would allow ANYBODY interested to take a shot at designing their own virtual Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, River Turbines, Sea Wave Power Plants, Tide Power Plants and similar on a regular PC - The software would been paid for by a coalition of governments, like the U.S. and EU governments - You wouldn't actually BUILD this stuff for real, which is VERY expensive. You would design a virtual model of your idea in this SOFTWARE, and it would CALCULATE over a number of hours how EFFICIENT your Clean Energy Solution would be if it were actually built - The physics SIMULATION techniques required to do this in software have been known for DECADES and are known by every university in the world interested in this kind of stuff - You could have had GLOBAL CONTESTS where whoever manages to design the best clean energy solution wins a juicy money prize and gets their invention built - 22 years later, NO such FREE design software is available to download, and commercial ENGINEERING SOFTWARE that CAN do this is JAW DROPPINGLY EXPENSIVE, affordable only to companies and universities with substantial financial resources - If CLIMATE CHANGE was SOOO DANGEROUS, and SOOO URGENT, and SOOO CATASTROPHIC,why don't all of us have FREE DESIGN SOFTWARE on our PCs right now, which lets us dabble in things like turning wind into energy, or extracting energy from tides and sea waves, or turning photons into electricity in various ways? - I believe that we won't EVER get that FREE software - not in 2030 or in 2040, unless the open source community decides to build something like it
  5. Don't get killed by Heatwave Heather! https://www.axios.com/2022/06/08/hurricanes-wildfires-heat-waves-names-categories https://onebillionresilient.org/project/categorizing-and-naming-heat-waves/ This "Heat Waves" song plays constantly on TV music channels... Categorizing and naming heat waves Heat waves have been dubbed “the silent killer” the dangers they pose wreak havoc that is largely unseen, and awareness of the human and economic devastation caused by heat waves is profoundly insufficient. To combat extreme heat and its impact on lives and livelihoods, Arsht-Rock is piloting initiatives to categorize heat waves based on their effect on human health and to name them, much like how hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms are named and categorized across the world. Because the health risks of heat waves are more severe than any other natural disaster and increasingly common, Arsht-Rock is developing innovative, location-specific warning and categorization systems that are centered on human health outcomes. Why is Arsht-Rock categorizing and naming heat waves? Today, extreme heat kills up to half a million people a year worldwide. Many of these deaths are preventable with appropriate preparation and action during heat waves. Most warning systems today rely solely on weather conditions to call heat warnings. Research shows, however, that also considering the health impacts of dangerous weather, categorizing the severity of weather events, and naming the worst events increases the likelihood that people will take the actions necessary to prepare and protect themselves. For this reason, many natural disasters are already categorized and named, including hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes. We should be doing the same for heat, the deadliest natural disaster we face.
  6. Mention of Golden retrievers old vegan thread, with Monsanto food production and food control reminded me we had just started discussing what seemed to be fake harvest failures and crop reductions on the old forum. As with everything they plan the rumour starts then reality starts following soon after in a carefully scripted 'coincidence.' This from an east Anglia farming paper. Bold text mine East Anglian farmers are facing another huge weather headache after a bone-dry spring sowing season. National Farmers’ Union vice president Tom Bradshaw, who farms at Fordham, near Colchester, said only a few weeks ago, farmers were desperate for dry weather – but now they are having too much of it. It was clear that they were now seeing more weather extremes and volatility than previously, he added. If the dry spell goes on for another two weeks, it would start to cause real problems. On his own farm, his wheat crop would start to be compromised, he
said. Guy Smith, who farms at St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea – one of the driest parts of the country – admitted it had been a difficult growing season. “In the last six weeks we have gone from worrying about getting machinery stuck after the winter deluge to fallowing land due to spring drought. Because of lack of rain he is now irrigating the replacement spring wheat to try to get it to grow. To go from getting two to three times our average rainfall in the five months October to February to then get seven weeks with no significant rain is the most perverse turnaround I’ve ever witnessed. “Fertiliser is not getting washed into the crops we did get established in the autumn and anything spring-drilled into cobbly seedbeds is struggling to establish. Rain over the next couple of weeks may put things back on track, but prospects for harvest 2020 look grim.”
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