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Found 1 result

  1. I hope this qualifies as news. Someone who used to do consulting-type work for some high-up, powerful businesses but is now retired described a character transformation in some of his clients to me: - He was doing work for a group of businesspeople who he says were fairly decent human beings until the early 2010s - He says that their characters started to change gradually over the years - They got more and more arrogant and agressive over time - By the end of it they had become so dismissive of all ethics and rules and the wellfare of greater society that he became ashamed of doing work for them - He said it was "like their original decent personalities sort of went away and completely new unrecognizable personalities took control of the steering wheel" This had got to be drug abuse right? Some sort of "chemo pill" which gradually destroys the ethics-conscience circuitry of the mind-brain and inverts the character of a person?
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