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  1. It's been awhile since I last posted here but in the time I have been absent I came to the realization that even conspiracy theorists and conspiracy forums are also secret societies too where the even the accusations from say the conspiracy forums and the users of that forum that claim this idea of secret society working against the interests of what the users on the forum would see as say like a secret society say like the temple of satan for example that is seen as a highly regressive cult of people coming together to work against the godly interests of the people of earth and that it's the illuminati and what not. But that's the assertion of one or more persons on the internet that have an opinion against such an organization, now I'm not making case for the temple of satan or any secret societies on this earth but I will say that any forum on the internet that has enough culture influence on the people. Where there energies from within them and there gene pool there connected to through there bodies in there DNA/RNA where they use the internet as tool of cultural transmission and that the energies in a persons body can influence the people connected to there gene pool. Even if you a lot of you David forum members think that you might not have genetic connections to the temple of satan, Freemasons, eastern star orders and so on and so on forth that you don't know of any content that you create gets channeled to them automatically through you body and through the internet to them where you influence the culture of those organizations when your highly critical of them means that the criticism of them turns into a suggestion on there end. Where the vibrations from you to them is much different from the way you put it to what they hear from within them somehow and that well I going to make my point clear but let's put it like this it will go in one ear and out the other ear and that your body sheds psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies that transmit information from one body to the next and that your body vibrations might sound clear and concise from within you and that somebody from one of these secret societies hears your psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies from them projecting vocal vibrations and vocal sub vibrations outside and inside there body in some strange way where it will sound backwards to them and it will sound like your speaking in code to them and that some of them get rather annoyed by that and that your vocal vibrations and vocal sub vibrations sound like your dyslexic to them and mental insane from there standpoint because you don't have the same evolution as they do and that your evolution doesn't match there's so the criticism and hatred will sound more like at love and respect for them and them the vocal sub vibrations will sound more like the original criticism and hatred you put out there in the first place. To put like this you conspiracy theorists are the illuminati and that you contradict and capitulate from within yourselves and that I have come across many conspiracy theorists coming to me with there psychic lightbodies and psychic sub lightbodies projecting there vocal vibrations and vocal sub vibrations who say I'm the illuminati when I'm not and that I don't have the income or social status to be somebody like that and that well the illuminati to me as always been something I would call cisgendered men with 46 XY and cisgendered women 44 XX chromosomes that have there third eyes in the front of there head and the back of there head that use them as psychic weapons against me especially when conspiracy theorists use there psychic aggressive vibrations and psychic aggressive sub vibrations to have me smack myself over the head with my own hand or even punch myself in the face who know how to use there spirituality against my own inner spirituality etc.
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