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Found 4 results

  1. The title of the video is "clickbait" and has nothing to do with the actual content...
  2. I've been seeing this more and more in online discussions frequented by American Internet users: - Original Poster: "The selfish behavior of large companies is harming society." - First Reply: "A company has no responsibilities or obligations toward society. Its sole responsibility is to make money for its shareholders." I've been seeing this line so much online that I am assuming: - Many Americans are indoctrinated in various ways to think like this - And an army of paid trolls is posting this specific line over and over everywhere that matters I personally find the concept of Companies not having any reponsibilities whatsoever toward greater society very very strange. So people in society are expected to act responsibly, bu a company which is nothing more than a group of people working towards a shared goal somehow has no responsibilities other than making profit for "shareholders"? Does anybody else think that this is a very very strange and destructive concept?
  3. Countries signing trade agreements with each other have started to include a sneaky paragraph 'guaranteeing that signatories on both sides block user access to Pirate and IP/Copyright infringing websites at ISP level'. Translation: 'You will no longer be able to BROWSE TO ANY SITE WE DO NOT LIKE'. https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-site-blocking-is-making-its-way-into-free-trade-agreements-220508/ The blocking approach was still relatively controversial at the start of the last decade but it’s increasingly being normalized. Dozens of countries have legal or procedural options to request blockades today. Australia and the UK are among the countries that have robust site-blocking legislation in place. ISPs in both countries are required to prevent subscribers from accessing thousands of domain names, with more being added every few months.
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