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Found 3 results

  1. The Eye of Ra by Truman Cash -> https://avalonlibrary.net/ebooks/Truman%20Cash%20-%20The%20Eye%20of%20Ra.pdf This link goes to the free PDF of the book. I found this on a subreddit (/r/Escapingprisonplanet) Both seem to say that we are being tricked by a multidimensional conspiracy to enslave and dominate beings that belong to a free existence (I think, as in free from frequency). My own experiences and research agree to the statement. The early Gnostic's also point towards that end. The Eye of Ra by Truman Cash: In 'The Eye of Ra' the author seems to describe how the ETC (Extra terrestrial conspirators) are Grey's, Mantis, Reptilians, Pleiadians, and other races of beings that seem to take great interest in enslaving the Divine beings. Truman Cash writes about the "gods" he had to serve in his past life, that they were aliens in craft, that came to visit from time to time, He, as Pharaoh, had to 'relay' what the gods wanted from the people. And that he had to wage war for them. He then connects this with the evil intention of these gods. Also describes how he had multiple lives with aliens abduction and the same evil intention, leading to his realization of what is going on on our planet. Reading this with an open mind, leads you to many a truth in this book. The Dream by David Icke: Found it very interesting that he mentions Astral Artificial Intelligence. In an OBE (Out of Body experience) I also came across technology, something which I called a reïcarnation machine in the astral and other examples. His last two books were very interesting to say the least, and in the Dream, I very much agreed to the perspective he's laying out (as always), with many questions arising naturally. David also talks about inter dimensional demons that are using AI to enslave us. (I wonder whom they are really though. Just other NPC's in different forms?) And how we are not this human form, but divine sparks whom are being farmed for energy. Divine sparks stuck in a frequency prison that recycles our energy in order to use it. Like a batteries, we are being drained, and being aware of our true divine self, we can break free from this prison! All in all, another epic book. I am completely on board on the fact this world is merely a simulation made by astral technology to keep us entrapped, to keep us blind to what is really going on around us. And that artificial prison has it's prison guards. To keep us from seeing the bigger picture. And this is somehow going on in multiple worlds. There is definitely aliens from my perspective, they practically are among us. Some are reading this right now, even. I've had my own share of astral contact, and I have become very, very suspicious and very careful of whom what I trust in terms of "positive alien/angels" information. Greetings PS: I'm not sure if i'm going to reply to comments. ;)
  2. I've been thinking about the bible story of Genesis lately and it seems that if you think of it "not" as the genesis of the "world;" but, rather the genesis of the "state" it still works, especially the story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve, from the Garden of Eden. I think the 'serpent" also represents the "state." Of course, many will say that the serpent represents the Vatican; but, it may also represent the state in abstract. There's also the fact that the Vatican is the great instance of the concept of the state that still exists in its original form, as the Roman Empire. I also think that it's no coincidence that the serpent tempted "Eve." She was far more susceptible to the lure; and, it was ultimately Adam that the serpent wanted to put in bondage. Adam, sensing his own vulnerability would have recognized his enemy. Eve felt no such threat. Eve had one job in the garden. She had "only" one thing that she had to do right. "That" was "not" betray her husband, and she f**ked it up! Since then, the vast majority of humanity has grown-up, lived and died, in feudal-slavery. Even now, the state knows that if you want to control men, you have to get to the women first. Whether or not most people really understand it, there appears to be some kind of hidden arrangement between our women and the state, as evidenced by the fact that women usually win most custody hearings, regardless of their fitness to be a parent. They also usually win most property settlements, usually keeping the family home. Yes, I do believe as men, we've been zucked; and, it's time to turn this thing around, or at least level the playing field. Marriage, family and the state should "never" mix!
  3. I saw a news article in the Sunday Mercury yesterday about paranormal stuff happening at Cannock Chase, England. I don't know if anyone will remember, but in about 2014, it was all over the headlines because people were seeing a black eyed child there? Well, they've been seeing them again. I've attached a photo of the double-page spread from the newspaper. The investigator has a new book out that's got loads of black eyed child sightings and loads of other stuff too. It's called Ghosts of Cannock Chase: Terrifying reports of paranormal activity from the UK's most haunted town. I read it last night, and I definitely recommend it to everyone here, especially being as it's getting close to Halloween. It really got me in the mood for the spooky season. Here is the link to buy the book in the US, but it's available from Amazon in every country (I checked) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GJKK724 I've attached the book cover and the article from the newspaper Enjoy!
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