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Found 2 results

  1. I've just been told this: - A bunch of guys who are Computing Science graduates got together and tried to poke their heads into the Windows Operating System - They wanted to know what it is doing - is it spying, is it listening, is it sending documents or files your create to the U.S.? Is it always watching? - They tried and tried and found that it is PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to analyze how ANY ASPECT of Windows actually works Windows appears to be written in a VERY STRANGE, HEAVILY ENCRYPTED AND STRONGLY OBFUSCATED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE WHICH OFFICIALLY DOESN'T EVEN EXIST AND WHICH MAKES UNDERSTANDING HOW WINDOWS DOES ANYTHING PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE IT APPEARS THAT MS WERE SO OBSESSED WITH NOBODY EVER SEEING INTO WINDOWS THAT THEY WROTE IT IN A STRANGE LANGUAGE NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT AND NOBODY CAN EASILY DECIPHER THERE IS NO WAY TO SEE WHAT WINDOWS IS DOING AT ANY GIVEN TIME
  2. Excellent, detailed and truthful 10 minute presentation by someone who has 30 years of experience in developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies:
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