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Found 3 results

  1. I Feel that these people and their stories need to be reassessed again thoroughly... Because If it is true that he was a servant of God and was The Lamb (Yahshua) who opened the seven seals thereof and to bring Harmonisation between the old and new testaments, and for John to see... Than we really need to be aware of the fact that in Revelation 10 where Clive Doyle says that see where we see through history all servants of God (Jesus/YAHSHUA) were killed and casted out... and where David Thibodeau beside him than says at one point, "you know, why would God make all of these sacrifices for nothing? So that people can live all fine and dandy in there homes and have air conditioning later on in the future?" He Really hits the nail on the head right there. So, if Koresh was a servant of God, and was Jesus/YAHSHUA...and, that was back during revelations through 1 to 10 in 1993 and now that it's 2024, perhaps it's a warning for what's to come next? And perhaps maybe we are drawing closer to the End of the world? revelation 18.1 the rising of the son, yours throughout the land, how long shall we serve man? No longer this land is it possible that the Lamb comes before the Lion? And the Lion is also David? where we learn the truth before the end of the world? That that there's a synagogue of Satan proclaiming to be Jews who are not actually Jews but their actions get Blamed on real Jews, etc? (revelation 2.9 reference) ...and the fake god Elon Musk, Artificial intelligence, Technological unveiling, the Kabbalah, Epstein, World Economic Forum, Pizzagate, Killer vaccines, brain chips, nuclear war, rebuild? how long shall we serve man? No longer this land...because I think we are all getting lonely in here, and Jesus goes through Hell to get his message across... just like all of us I Love You
  2. After spending some time browsing the forums, I have decided to post something important. It will be in the form of a link, as the content is too large for a forum post in my opinion. What is it about? As the title already alludes to, Christianity, the second coming, the REAL illuminati(which has nothing to do with people running around thinking metals and paper with numbers printed on them gives them power), 9-11, MH-17, why science gives certain values, the true name of God, certain biblical passages, verses and more. It describes part of the intelligent design of this reality and what that has to do with science and language. It also describes what God/Jesus has been doing for the last almost 40 years, after he already returned. It is a written account. As people may have noticed on this forum, but there are others around as well, there are people claiming they are God/Jesus correct? Most of these people write and/or speak incoherently, sometimes dress up like its carnival or other nonsense. None of that is present in the link I will share with you here. On the contrary, it might be difficult for some to believe that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Many people in the past have received this information, sometimes in a more complete package, sometimes more condensed. The amount of people that have actually read this information is dismal. It seems to be a failure of many to not read what is presented or when they do, to not finish reading what they were presented and already have an opinion/conclusion ready to go. That really is ignorance at its best. I can tell you that the link I will present to you here includes a dire warning to humanity. But it also includes the advice on how to divert the course the human race is currently on. I can say much more about it, but it would best if you see/read it for yourselves. The link: https://www.wattpad.com/954952992-an-interview-with-god/page/17 Thank you for reading this post and have a nice day!
  3. I've been thinking about the bible story of Genesis lately and it seems that if you think of it "not" as the genesis of the "world;" but, rather the genesis of the "state" it still works, especially the story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve, from the Garden of Eden. I think the 'serpent" also represents the "state." Of course, many will say that the serpent represents the Vatican; but, it may also represent the state in abstract. There's also the fact that the Vatican is the great instance of the concept of the state that still exists in its original form, as the Roman Empire. I also think that it's no coincidence that the serpent tempted "Eve." She was far more susceptible to the lure; and, it was ultimately Adam that the serpent wanted to put in bondage. Adam, sensing his own vulnerability would have recognized his enemy. Eve felt no such threat. Eve had one job in the garden. She had "only" one thing that she had to do right. "That" was "not" betray her husband, and she f**ked it up! Since then, the vast majority of humanity has grown-up, lived and died, in feudal-slavery. Even now, the state knows that if you want to control men, you have to get to the women first. Whether or not most people really understand it, there appears to be some kind of hidden arrangement between our women and the state, as evidenced by the fact that women usually win most custody hearings, regardless of their fitness to be a parent. They also usually win most property settlements, usually keeping the family home. Yes, I do believe as men, we've been zucked; and, it's time to turn this thing around, or at least level the playing field. Marriage, family and the state should "never" mix!
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