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Found 2 results

  1. I have been recearching the cult, New world order, Illuminati, Archons, what ever you would like to call it for close to three decades now. It seems to me what ever is perpetrating the agenda is feeding off negative emotions. It's clearly not about money they can merely print as much as is required, or even power. It's an endless maze of layer upon layer of secreys. Aa if they want us to preocupied with the where's and the how we forget the most fundemental question. The question any abuse victim asks first: Why are they doing this?
  2. Anyone else watching ? It is excellent so far. If you're an ickonic subscriber you get automatic access. If not £10 gives access to the livestream for 2 weeks (which considering the live show tickets were £30 - £55 is great value ) and also gives you 2 weeks unlimited access to ickonic. Absolute classic David so far. Excellent...clear ....concise.. compelling...just waiting for part two to start
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