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Found 1 result

  1. If you were to take of the world's religions and boil them down to one sentence it would probably be: "Do not let your bad urges become actions which damage others." Many people today see Religions as needlessly restrictive systems which crap on their freedoms. But they really boil down to: "You are a human, not a pig. Live up to that." Its a series of reminders that you are not an animal that is a slave to primitive instincts. Its stories designed to make people think hard about moral choices and their consequences. Its lessons in urge control. Its also a stern warning that if everyone does whatever the fuck they want, no matter how depraved, society will become a living hell, and continue to be a living hell. Religion being used for political gain, social engineering, mind control power over others is something else entirely. Who can forget GW Bush and Tony Blair claiming that they read the Bible together? Or Republican politicians claiming to believe in Jesus while they fail to regulate Wall Street and aggressively immoral corporations? Religion is misused as a shield that grants immunity against being judged badly by many. But real religion is God warning the believer not to be an asshole and being more than just a selfish, self-serving fuck. Real religion is God instructing the strong not to mistreat the weak. Real religion is God telling people to be upright, dependable and selfless, even if other paths lead to greater personal gain. Some people can be decent without any religious education. Others need to be educated and even frightened into being decent. And nothing is more dangerous than the idea that killing a human is essentially no different than killing a cow or chicken. People who worked for communist governments believed that and executed millions of innocents who had a right to live. If Klaus Schwab read the Bible he would know that he has no right to take people's privacy away. If CEOs believed in God they wouldn't promise things their products cannot deliver or fill the oceans with plastic. If Edison and JP Morgan had believed in God, they would have allowed Nikola Tesla to give the world wireless energy or free energy. If Hitler had believed in God WWII would not have happened and 60 million people wouldn't have died. Ayn Rand wouldn't have told Silicon Valley capitalists that there is virtue in them acting selfishly. Colonialism and slavery would not have happened. MSM journalists wouldn't distort the world in their reporting. Aleister Crowley might have been a decent father of two. These were ignorant men and women who saw the world upside down and damaged it. They didn't care what they were doing to the world. They did whatever they want and future generations paid the price. Religion is also broader than science in that it doesn't tell us that metaphysics and the "supernatural" simply do not exist. if you ask a Scientist whether Black Magic exists he or she will tell you that there is no such thing and also no scientific basis for it. And yet some of the most powerful people are throwing occult symbols and numbers around all the time. If this stuff does nothing then why do they bother with it at all? Sure, it may be them trying to scare and demoralize religious people with BS that does nothing. But why did this happen before in history? Hitler's SS killed hundreds of poor workers in an effort to finish building the occult Wewelsburg castle as quickly as possible. They went in there and performed all sorts of bizarre rituals while a war was raging. The Roman empire tried to kill John, the author of the Book of Revelations. Why do Freemasons bother with the fucking 33 if it means nothing? Why do members of the Bohemian Club do childish ceremonies in front of a stupid stone owl? Why does Disney put the word Magic in everything it creates for decades? And who created all the Satanic symbols like the Pentagram if it does nothing? Wouldn't the symbols have been forgotten over the centuries if it is just a shape that does nothing at all? What's the point of the LGBTQ agenda if it doesn't actually hurt God or if there is no God? Why are the very Elites trying to screw up the world throwing signs and symbols around that do nothing other than maybe scare some people? Why did Apple price its first computer at 666.66 USD if it could scare conservative buyers away and cause a scandal? Why do we attentive observers spot these signs and numbers all the time and MSM outlets avoid talking about them like the plague? Why is not one major world leader speaking out against confused youths mangling their bodies with gender reassignment surgery? If you think Religion is BS that does nothing then why fight it with opposite BS? Why would you put a stupid pyramid with an eye in it on the world's reserve currency if the symbol means nothing and does nothing? What does America have to do with fucking Egypt all the way over in Africa?
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