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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Messenger, not wanting to sound like a kiss- arse - but you're the person in the know with regards to food and natural stuff (as far as I'm concerned) on here that has some seriously expansive knowledge about it all . I don't drink milk - apart from in a normal cup of tea, as everything else I've tried doesn't taste as good as milk in tea. I've tried to be subjective about it, telling myself it's because I'm 'just used to milk in tea' , but the most honest reason is; everyhting else I've tried tastes shitty - maybe with the exeption of unsweetened soya, I found Hemp Milk too watery and nothing tasting. Tried loads of others, would like to get off milk completely. Any recommendations with regarsd to milk. (apart from stop being a lazy twat and do my own research) cheers.
  2. I have been meaning to start this thread for a while to compile information that I hope people will find helpful for their health. First I must disclose that I am not a doctor, and I really don't care for most doctors, in fact, prior to January I had not been to a doctor in over a decade, and if it weren't for the particular living conditions I found myself in at the beginning of the year I would have made it a point to go another decade without seeing a doctor. My journey into better health was I believe through divine intervention. At the time when I found the following presentation by the late Dr. Sebi my mind was no where near food as I was still working in automotive as a technician, but through a very strange course of events I vacated that line of work and then found this video where Dr. Sebi talks about his journey into healing with alkaline food and herbs. This presentation changed my life over night in terms of what I was eating and how I felt and since that day I have maintained alkalinity almost full time and only been sick once when I deviated around Thanksgiving with too much Pumpkin pie. Other than that I have not been sick at all in four years. I was already "awake" to the cabal and "NWO" type information from an event that happened earlier in my life around 2009, but even before that awakening, I had in the back of my mind an awareness that the government was corrupt and there are much deeper issues at play. I attribute this awareness to being raised by parents who were referred to as knowledge-seekers, them being the product of the hippie generation and being enlightened due to using psychedelic substances to expand consciousness, our home was filled with books ranging from alchemy to the universe and all sorts of stuff in between. Now that the short preface is out of the way, here is the presentation that I recommend to everyone who asks me about how I stay so healthy and in shape. You are not going to agree with everything he says, but his story is fascinating and the information is certainly something to be considered. I have heard people say, you cannot change alkalinity in the body, and I disagree with this. There would be no reason for a company to make urine test strips if we could not change alkalinity in the body. Most of what people consider "food" should not be considered food since it technically is poison and I'm talking about the pre-packaged crap and fast "food". Doritos, fritos, lucky charms, mcdonalds, pizza, pork, tuna, beef, soy, all of these items are on the acid side of the pH scale. pH is abbreviation for potential hydrogen. Anything 7.0 negative on the pH scale is acid, anything 7.0 positive is alkaline. Alkaline food consists of live vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. There are two main questions you should ask yourself when considering something to eat, I call this the two question rule. First, is is alkaline or acid? Second, is is organic or GMO? Something can be "organic" but also be on the acid side of the pH scale such as garlic or orange carrots. In my opinion based on information I've found, garlic is actually not good for you, it is so acidic that it destroys cells. Garlic is something like 3.0 on the pH scale. That whole eat garlic to ward off a cold is old misinformation I believe. Same thing with orange carrots which I believe were created by the House of Orange family in the Netherlands to commemorate their name. Given what we know now about these arrogant old bloodline families who think they are so important I can see a family playing with genetics of plants to create a vegetable in their "honor" and then tricking people into thinking that it is good for them, such is the case with orange carrots and the whole, they are good for your eyes nonsense. So we ask ourselves, is this organic or GMO? Always opt for the organic item. Organic is NOT a gimmick like people have been led to believe. They are simply not wanting to justify spending the extra money so they have money left over to buy cheap beer or cigarettes or wine. I've worked in the grocery industry and have gone through training programs one of which was explaining how organic items are separated from non organic items to prevent cross contamination so to speak from the second they are picked all the way to when they are placed on the shelf, being kept separate from GMO items and all along the way each person working in logistics must provide their signature assuring that the items have been expedited as such. All organic items in the produce department will have a code that begins with the number 9. After we have determined that an item is organic we ask, is it alkaline? For example, some Doritos are now labeled as "organic", but they are still acid. Another example would be corn. Corn is NOT a nutrient-rich item which is why we see bits and pieces of it in our stool, the body is not using it so it is expelled, but corn can sneak through the agriculture system and be labeled as organic if it does not contain round up weed killer in it and the farmer wants to pay to have his corn certified organic. But it is still acidic, so corn being organic makes no difference, it is not healthy. So again, the two questions are, is it organic? Is it alkaline? Those two questions are your go to when determining whether or not a food is safe to eat. You cannot eat "organic" doritos and think it is healthy simply because the bag says "organic" as they are not alkaline, they are acid. Likewise you cannot eat walnuts or pears both of which are alkaline but which could contain round up weed killer if they are GMO. That's why there is a need for the two question rule. Now that you are aware of the two question rule, on to the presentation. Yes it is long. No pain no gain. You want the good information then you will have to be receptive and listen. You will not agree with everything he has to say but he does present some very profound information. This extended version has been scrubbed from youtube I believe because he talks about how white women should not lay with black men, the lie behind Cleopatra being the Queen of the Nile and her running off with Mark Anthony, he exposes Bill Clinton and Sanjay Gupta as frauds, he also exposes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as being frauds, he talks about people in Hollywood seeking his help, he speaks about traveling to various countries in Africa and helping cure people of sickle cell, impotence, herpes, autism, and many other dis-eases. This is the best place to start in my opinion if you are searching for ways to feel better. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dJ4FBq0nAaaB/
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