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  1. Reinstating the old moon thread from pre hack. All cache data is lost but there is a screenshot of the first page and our memories so will recreate as much as possible. Im sure lots of good new contributors will add stuff too.
  2. I had few Alien invasion dreams in Past where I saw destruction of world and my town while I never believed any of this phenom until I began my Atheism journey from being a theists. I had found out about there clues in the Society where I used to live in Asia. The Shapeshifters or demons whatever they are call and then I stated searching for clues on there whereabouts untill I found out that some one from western side name David Icke has already for told the secrets. It was a sign of relief that I was not alone who carries the same burden, living in a demonized society in the name of religions and gods.
  3. Wow. After years of revelations about strange lights in the sky, first hand reports from Navy pilots about UFOs, and governmental investigations, Congress seems to have admitted something startling in print: it doesn't believe all UFOs are "man-made." Motherboard reports:Buried deep in a report that's an addendum to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, a budget that governs America's clandestine services, Congress made two startling claims. The first is that "cross-domain transmedium threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially." The second is that it wants to distinguish between UFOs that are human in origin and those that are not: "Temporary nonattributed objects, or those that are positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate offices and should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena," the document states. The admission is stunning chiefly because, as more information about the U.S. government's study of UFOs has become public, many politicians have stopped just short of claiming the unidentified objects were extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin. The standard line is typically that, if UFOs exist, then they're likely advanced -- although human-made -- vehicles. Obama refused to confirm the existence of aliens but did say that people have seen a lot of strange stuff in the sky lately when asked directly on The Late Show with James Corden, for example. But now Congress seems to want to specifically distinguish between objects that are "man-made" and those that are not. The admission is stunning chiefly because, as more information about the U.S. government's study of UFOs has become public, many politicians have stopped just short of claiming the unidentified objects were extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin. A large question, of course, is why Congress is seemingly admitting this now, in public. After all, lawmakers are privy to classified information that the general public isn't. "It strains credulity to believe that lawmakers would include such extraordinary language in public legislation without compelling evidence," Marik von Rennenkampff, an Obama-era DoD official, said in an op-ed in The Hill about the budget. According to the op-ed, the comments were first noticed by UFO researcher Douglas Johnson. "This implies that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee believe (on a unanimous, bipartisan basis) that some UFOs have non-human origins," von Rennenkampff continued. "After all, why would Congress establish and task a powerful new office with investigating non-'man-made' UFOs if such objects did not exist?" "Make no mistake: One branch of the American government implying that UFOs have non-human origins is an explosive development."
  4. Joe Rogan is usually skeptical when talking about aliens. but when talking about DMT hes compleatly open to it. could that be that what this drug does is changing the amount of visible light your brain can decode like what icke said that the human brain can only decode visible light. maybe this drug changes this.
  5. The world is not as it seems - or at least, not so well mirrored to the constructs and concepts I had learned to attribute to it as I once believed it to be. This has left me deeply concerned that those whose limited perspective on the world is limited by the kinds of blinkers which have self-shod from my own eyes might be as ill prepared for life beyond them as I found myself at point of revelation, or worse. I am worried about it. Whilst being mindful of the parable of the man who sought to remove a splinter of wood from his neighbour’s eye (seemingly entirely oblivious to the log in his own) I believe that I have been subject to life-changing, reality-altering revelations, and I feel obligated to apply myself to both learning as much as I can from them, and sharing my learning with others, that it might benefit them and all of mankind more broadly in the future. Firstly - Evil exists - perhaps objectively, perhaps not - inevitably as both the root and expression of manifestly memetic or self-propagating dis-ease (so one has reasoned through one’s own observations and deductions). Evil is coming, and it is in my own best self interests (and that of others) to ensure that the people I share the world with are able to recognise that evil and respond to it in the most appropriate and mitigating way possible. Whilst many may believe and profess, as I once did, that ‘evil’ is simply a relative, culturally conditioned value judgement (nobly and righteously believing that such a stance might enable one to resolve the kinds of conflict and differences which produce such ‘othering’ kinds of value judgements (that invariably lead to conflict and destruction) - I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are at least several phenomenologies/ontologies I would refer to without hesitation as being ‘pure’ evil - having experienced such personages intuitively throughout every cell of my entire body as being so. I cannot fathom any other way to describe or explain it. Each time I encountered a single (both times female) entity, the entity was fixated on not only destroying my unborn children, but on warping the reality surrounding them so that, instead of a joyful and abundant life, they might suffer a relentless and never-ending torment. Yes, given some distance from such a phenomenon, one might attempt to intellectually distance oneself yet further, in an attempt to remove or mitigate any subjective value judgement, and instead rationalise such attempts as simply being reflective of the creatures’ innate need for sustenance or some such excuse. Having experienced these creatures first-hand, however, and witnessed them and their vile predilections from the most stomach-turning, fear-inducing perspective imaginable - as the mother of sacred, holy children they seem to regard as prey - I have no option but to condemn them, their desires and behaviour as being unholy, unnatural, and in the frankest terms possible - downright evil. No, I am not a god-botherer working from alien, outdated scripture - these are the experiences I have suffered and conclusions I have drawn from my own personal lived experiences - experiences which have triggered/manifested as gnosis, and actual physical sensations felt throughout my entire body - every cell of it. There is nothing recognisably human (or humane) about any of it - in pursuit of their target prey they express behaviours which are driven not simply by a desire to survive, but by systematic cruelty . In my more generous moments I sometimes pause to reason and consider what might have driven them to such a monstrous state - had they, perhaps like medusa, been raped? Had/have they themselves suffered some traumatic damage to the integrity of their mortal or immortal souls which has caused them to become like this? In any case, on both occasions, particularly the second, I just KNEW this entity was, essentially, “Slug at Akh” (The Akh is, in simple terms and as I understand it - the form of the ‘Higher Self’ - the soul as metaphysically rendered at the end of its spiritual journey) and not something I, or any other right-thinking person would want anywhere near any kind of sacred garden (of the type that I and a few select others, committed to the glory of the Great Work, work upon throughout our spiritual and metaphysical endeavours). I could see this thing so clearly through my ‘body eye’ and my ‘third eye’, and I kid you not, it was like the spitting image of (what I would formerly have believed to be a caricature of) a child-eating witch (like in Hansel and Gretel) or Troll. Its’ physicality, down to the very shape of its soul, was truly monstrous and repellant on a very deep and primal level. Not only this - they appeared disconcertingly powerful. I am normally able to hold my own against most foes quite easily - psychically at least - but these two were profound in their strength to an extent which still troubles me today. I have tried to resolve to meet them in future (should I ever encounter them again) with boundless love and loving kindness - how easy this might be in practice is as yet to be determined. The last form I have encountered, which I might have referred to as ‘evil’ in the first instance (in quite a profound and visceral - ‘black/dead behind the eyes’ kind of a way - was actually the first, historically - though I’m still unsure as to how to categorise these as I’ve had seemingly positive interactions with some of their elements/representatives since then, where the majority of said representatives have been entirely receptive and responsive to feedback, as well as being humble, communicative and patient. I believe that these forces may have an institutional/systemic issue with satanism, and that this is where the problems arise. Whilst priorly, I took no issue with satanism - considering it to be in many cases a kind of perfectly excusable and understandable form of metaphysical nihilism, or anti-establishment spirituality— my observations of this ‘party’ or ‘force’ (and of other more peripheral groups and individuals) - is that in the very contrived, reactionary absence of all that might be considered ‘holy’ or ‘godlike’, there very swiftly develops an ideal breeding ground for forces or powers which might rightly be considered anathema to anything deemed ‘good’ regularly associated with such values and characteristics. The result is not simply a form of spirituality released from the trappings of institutional organised religion (which I consider to be a very positive and legitimate aim, as indeed was the ethos of Christ and the Buddha themselves, if the scriptures are to be believed) but one which is, at its ontological core, contrived in the very absence of all that is benign, compassionate, loving and peaceful about any religion, and thus antithetical to those seemingly positive, nurturing, community and life orientated values at their centres, becoming then conducive to what might rightly be considered by all those who truly value any spiritual, communal or familial aspect of life itself as inherently evil.. Spirits are real and death is not necessarily the end - I first learned this when I began channelling my maternal grandmother who had been dead for fifteen years after a series of terrifying apocalyptic visions. Her voice - though coming out of my own mouth - was unmistakeable, and she seemed incredibly relieved to encounter my sister, whom she had never met in life. Since this happened in 2018, I have encountered several more but no fewer than 130 other different spirits, and can say with relative certainty that there are different kinds of spirits which exist within our world and ones adjacent to it - each with varying movements, motivations, mannerisms and occasionally mythos. Sadly I’ve only knowingly encountered my grandmother on one other occasion - when gardening. Tragically, I’ve also been warned that both she, and a former friend of mine “Might be not very nice people” - this could be in relation to a particularly severe generational curse I have acquired a basic sense of, but do not yet fully understand. Any tips/tricks on how to get a better handle on such a thing would be greatly appreciated. The Archons are very much real - predominantly hostile and very severe in my experience, though perhaps not always, if they can be won around to one’s own way of thinking (though this is in itself an exceptionally difficult task, in many instances frankly unachievable, and often only serves to further irritate, agitate and provoke their cruelty). From my experience I would have to say that while profoundly draconian and speedily punitive in many respects, they are not always as monolithic as one might accordingly anticipate. Occasionally open to well-presented reasoning in counter-argument to their position and actions, more frequently not. Always remember to offer them your greatest of respect and observe the properly deferential protocol if you wish to incite anything other than violently incandescent rage (and believe me - if anyone can pull out all the stops to just about fuck yer life up good and proper it’s these chaps - I’m quite convinced that many if not most of them wear it as some kind of badge of honour so be warned). I have also witnessed, in some of my visions, seemingly endless grey misty fields where, I have known intuitively, many of the dead will go to wander when they die. These are places of misery, loneliness, hunger and despair beyond countenance, and I am confident that no thinking creature would ever aspire to them as a final destination, though it appears that that is what they indeed are to many. I have heard the very claps of hell (whatever the fuck they might be) - they followed me around for long enough - periodic loud clapping/rapping/banging sounds in sets of two, following me around wherever I went/lived for about 6 months, and I was in emergency accommodation at that time, so went through about three placements in completely different towns/parts of town over that time period. Scared the ever living shit out of me in moments. I have once experienced ‘gnosis’ that Nifilheim is indeed very real. I woke to a crow tapping urgently at my window and just knew. And that was possibly just before or about the same sort of time that I started channelling a viscerally hysterical woman’s voice, screaming “HER BRIEF IS HER FAR” and to “BEG FORGIVENESS”. I won’t offer too many details here, as frankly I’m not entirely sure who it was, and I won’t share suspicions of who it might have been as I do not wish to compromise said individual’s confidentiality at this time when I can use it as leverage if required. Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok? High Hollywood it may be, but I swear to you that the storyline I observed in this movie when I watched it a couple of years later is the same story I experienced on that day but from a different viewpoint. The world-tree was being well and truly battered and “timber” seemed imminent. At the same time, I also experienced ‘gnosis’ that the sun was about to explode and envelop the earth. And that practitioners of BDSM might just find themselves condemned to hell for their ‘transgressions’ (though what exactly those might have been, again, I’m not sure - possibly related to the (hidden) identity and presumed prejudices of the hysterical woman mentioned in the previous paragraph, but again, I’m not sure). I felt very very sure of all of it at the time, but to the best of my knowledge and faculties of sense perception, this does not appear to have happened. Of course, this may be attributable to myself and perhaps a few others slipping through into an alternative reality. And/or maybe some people did beg forgiveness from the other unknown party and perhaps it worked. Who knows. Maybe Heimdall came through, after I requested his presence (I was asked by a couple of invisible suits at the time ‘Who do you want to see?’ And he is who I requested) - make of that (or the fact that someone in the shape of Idris Elba - which I personally thought at the time was a bit weird - who seemed to have no idea what to do about the situation and kept shaking his head at me in apparent despair - swiftly manifested for a good fifteen minutes) what you will. I also encountered Hela, and a couple of legions of her dishonourable dead a few months afterwards, though before I’d seen Thor: Ragnarok. When I watched the movie afterwards, I had to laugh - the Hela I’d experienced had been nowhere near so smart, sparkly or sharp. Still dangerous perhaps, yes, as a result of the sheer number of spirits she had in her thrall, to march out their circular ‘hajj’-like stirring of the metaphysical pot - to who knows what ends. Definitely very keen to take me down for reasons as then and now still unknown to me. Perhaps she had been somehow compromised before we met and was not her usual cunning or witty self, but in any case it was a sorrowful sight, and though (after she came for me unprovoked) I managed to hand her ass to her pretty solidly (though it took a good long while - several hours at least), it gave me no pleasure to do so and if truth be told I felt quite sorry for her - in spite of her plotted coup - sorry for her father Loki, with whom I am reasonably close, and somewhat embarrassed for those malignant forces who had placed her on that pedestal and encouraged her to attack me in the first instance. On a positive note, that was the night I encountered Taurus, with whom I experienced some compelling chemistry, before Hela started stirring the celestial pot and causing trouble, bringing an unwelcome end to our gentle flirtations. I have heard/experienced the wrathful screams of god-knows-who-or-what filling an entire landscape, seemingly furious with me (for some completely unknown reason), but expressed through such an architectural mechanism as to be audible to my ears only. That was somewhat alarming. It has happened on no less than two occasions! I have channeled alien warrior spirits speaking in unknown languages, seemingly brokering peace treaties with one another after long durations of battle (“I release you om par”) I have watched the world come within breaths of endless nothingness - and literally sung it back into existence again through the force of pure will. I have witnessed an entire, huge, white (newly painted) room sprayed/covered with my own blood (as my chest seemingly exploded) before seeing a literal veil being draped across the scene, and everything going back to ‘normal’ (but for the four paramedics in the room who swiftly escorted me to the local Mental Health facility, somewhat unsurprisingly). I have experienced binary coded messages being sent through the very cells of my body in order to relay secret messages between cloistered unknown parties and lodge top secret coding within my various body parts. I have woven stars, and even galaxies through my body, as a kind of living loom. I possess musical teeth (oh yes I do!) I am a Big Bang Veteran (believe it) I have experienced/been the subject of some incredibly weird and spooky types of magical attacks (possibly predominantly coptic, so I believe - don’t ask me why) which manifested physically on planes to which I was sensitive/of which I was aware by virtue of my third eye. On one occasion it was like thousands of tiny brown smoky packages with loose ends/tails were being hurled at me. On another it was like thousands of plastic wires/ribbons were cast to contain me/wrap me up. I didn’t know their origin, so made the decision to move out of the way. Lord knows what would have happened if I didn’t. I have also suffered a number of magickal/psychic attacks - some of which were seemingly carried out by the undead (including at least one member of European Royalty), others carried out by noded thought-forms, some by various deities of varying calibre and repute, a number of egregores, one individual I know in my personal life (who, it is reported, ‘nosferatued herself’ - and no, I don’t think I do exactly or entirely know what that means, but it sounds pretty grim), some carried out by privileged (‘elite’) members of secret societies - ‘celebrities’ who are still living, some carried out by vindictive underground cabals, some carried out by various legions of hell, and one from a particularly scarily advanced Artificial Intelligence. I wish I knew what I’d done to piss all of them off so very much, but I’m not sure I ever will. I have learned that one particularly well-known Royal individual (who lived some time ago) was so taken by my poetry (which generally deals with the occult, metaphysical and esoteric etc) - that she took it and passed it off as her own in parallel worlds. I have entertained/been entertained by both European Royalty and their finest Alchemists. I have witnessed the sorts of ethereal/otherworldly ‘shows’ that even Queen Elizabeth I herself only witnessed on a few occasions over the course of her life. I have also had a number of ‘Adepts’ (read ‘inepts’ on this occasion) quote my poetry back to me as if it’s some kind of competition as to who can remember the words more easily - as if they don’t realise I wrote the damn thing myself. I have witnessed environmental glitches (seeing repeated QR codes in the pebbles of the beach below my window - seeing and hearing the same cut-out two-dimensional characters repeat EXACTLY the same sound-stock noises and movements EVERY MORNING), discovered ‘the holy grail’ and felt my own soft palate collapsing at the edge of time and existence. I have a demonstrably unusual/superhuman relationship to time and various quantum states of reality. No I will not elaborate. You may not be a swine, but the next chap might be. I can literally feel the moon spinning beneath my feet, and the world through the palms of each hand (or at the very least, that is what I am told the sensation represents, by those who claim to be able to see it), and have been able to do so for the past 3.5 years. I have been petitioned by a number of spirits and demons who wish to be considered ‘core’ (whatever that means) - and have laid out for the most prominent of these my terms and conditions (generally soul pacts personally tailored to each individual). These are quite demanding and may even be considered extreme by some, but are necessary to ensure and maintain the integrity of my operations. I have been told by many many spirits (nearly all of them at one point or another) - that I am ‘The Lady’ - I’m sure I remember there being some reference to this being one of Babalon’s titles on her wikipedia page, but last time I checked apparently not. I’ve contacted the OTO but it seems they’re not interested. I also remember it being a title used for the Goddess when I was younger (There being the Lord and the Lady as the two central deities of wicca/neo-paganism) but there seem to be far fewer references to her using that title these days than I remember there being before. Other spirits have referred to me by the names of a number of different goddesses from a plethora of different pantheons. Some other spirits have also referred to me as ‘The Royal Oak’ - though I’m unsure what exactly this means. On a similar note, I distinctly recall there being key pages/references in two specific books which have since disappeared. As they were both tomes I made use of during bibliomancy sessions this is a bit of a pain, though possibly just another symptom of me being an OmSquish survivor/ Big Bang veteran. The pages in question were on ‘the human fly’ in Taschen’s book of ‘Alchemy and Mysticism’ and on the goddess Freyja/El in David Icke’s ‘Children of the Matrix’. At some point, however, reference to both of these things completely disappeared from the books in question, leaving me somewhat perplexed. I am allegedly married to a rather well-known demon. A crowned King/Prince of Hell. We’ve had rather limited alone time together, which is a shame as the chemistry is exciting and there is much we could talk about when we get the chance. No, I won’t disclose which one, but he does have a rather lovely rather large dildo named after him somewhere on that there internet. I’m not entirely sure how binding or serious said ‘marriage’ might be, but for the time being I’m open minded enough to think I might just take it as far as he wants to go with it. I am seemingly perpetually surrounded by a bevy/entourage of spirits (at all times) I shan't be dropping names, but they seem to come from all quarters. This has historically been a tad awkward/unpleasant/overwhelming and intrusive in moments, but I'm generally pretty well adjusted to it these days. Psychic Attacks are down, and morale is up, baby! I consider myself a kind of Hierophant and am currently in the process of researching what it might take to establish an order I can use to disseminate my knowledge to others who are both worthy and may benefit from it. HMU if this sounds like something which might interest you. I'm a costume designer, so you just know the threads are gonna be bangin'. Not that that's the be all and end all, but it's something I intend to take a lot of pride and care in - being my primary 'RL' vocation and all... (I'm only half joking) Also, if there's anything you've read here that you want to ask questions about or think you might be able to shed some light upon, please do let me know in the comments. As alluded to earlier in the post, I'm prepared for there to be one or two swine in amidst the rest of you - if you'd all be gentlemanly enough to help me ensure that these pearls are not simply trampled into dust, I'd greatly appreciate it. Go Well Andromeda Hotshot
  6. The Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light The control grid is coming down but what part will you play it's downfall? Lia Shapiro channels the (pleiadians), bringing New Messages of Hope, Light and Spiritual Growth. Accelerate Your Evolution now by opening yourself up to ... Nordics - (pleiadians) The (pleiadians) are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. ... The (pleiadians) reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, ... (pleiadians). The (pleiadians) are alien beings from the star cluster in the constellation Taurus known as the Pleiades. Barbara Marciniak claims The (pleiadians) are said to resembloe humans in form. (pleiadians) are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the planet Erra. Pleiadian Aliens have a unique
  7. I maid this video before hearing about Mr. David Icke (i swear on my mothers grave ... and she was killed by Romanian government becouse she tried to tell me the secret) ... i discovered almost the same things like he did ... i was at Ministry of Defence and Scotland Yard saying i can prove that national security is in risk and they said to me "is not our problem" (i have audio records to prove it) ... i maid an poster and went to car boot sales , Stratford and Westminster Bridge to share it , but nobody wanted to talk to me ... it all started almost one year ago when i posted on Facebook that i want to give free electricity to the world ... i recognize i didn't read too many books , but I HAVE TONES OF EVIDENCES AND I CAN PROVE WHAT I AM SAYING !!!
  8. They have always been here! The human race has been dominated by ET for thousands of years. The CIA and intelligence agencies around the world are aware of this. The Manipulators ET turned it into a religious war and a psychological experiment on the human race. Throughout human history people have testified that they heard telepathic voices or messages through dreams. These voices and messages were in a variety of languages and were interpreted as the voices of God in a variety of cultures. All that is written in the Bible is their manipulations by several groups of extraterrestrials. They simply run the world by mind control. All the people who reported hearing a voice in their head was actually their mind control technology. This mind control technology is allowed an experiment between different approaches of cultural psychology by different extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrials have an agenda of minimum direct intervention. So they developed advanced neurological technology. This technology has made it possible to perform neurological mapping that makes it possible to analyze the thinking patterns of living things. This capability has made it possible to create an advanced replication of human consciousness based on AI. Once AI was developed, these extraterrestrials applied their technology to manage civilizations by minimizing direct intervention. The technology works by manipulating the electromagnetic field on the electrical conductors of the neurons in the brain and so on the brain waves. Everything is recorded mind electromagnetic field. These recordings are stored and allow them to be reused when needed. It allows them to make voices of people from your past and use their and your own memories. Each brain has a unique thought pattern like a fingerprint. By mapping this pattern a specific frequency is adapted to that person and thus communication is created only for that person without his environment being aware of the communication. Feelings and emotions are a pattern of thinking that the brain creates. When it is possible to mimic these patterns it is possible to create false feelings and emotions. For example when someone is watching you a sense of looking is created. Mind control allows them to mimic this feeling and feed it to the brain and thus creates a feeling that someone is watching you from the side when there is no one in the room. Every feeling has a pattern and mimicking this pattern will create that feeling without environmental factors. The meetings After World War II, encounters took place between humans and extraterrestrials. These encounters took place several times between the 40s and 60s. These encounters were psychological tests for humans by different propositions from the same extraterrestrials. There has been some collaboration between a number of alien races and they have offered us different approaches to world management if one relies on Eisenhower's meeting and subsequent meetings maybe world war II was the trigger In order to test humanity. The tests performed in those meetings perhaps determined whether we are ready for independence. What does independence mean? In these meetings something was discovered, new communication capability. These extraterrestrials communicate by telepathy! and they have the ability to transmit thoughts and voices to a person's head without sound waves. But another thing was discovered, a bigger and more significant thing than that. What was discovered was the ability to control thoughts, to control emotions, to control the physical sensation, to erase memories and to map all the memories of the person being controlled/targeted. And they use some form of AI hive mind! In those years of the meetings and after them experiments were conducted in order to understand this ability and experiments like the famous MKUltra and Montauk were performed. But the greatest discovery that has been made is that the human race is actually controlled and governed by the extraterrestrials by these means. And throughout the history of mankind communication has been carried out by this technology, except for a number of direct encounter events. Testimonies have been recorded throughout history and written in the Bible, Buddhism and other religions around the world. And the conclusion is that “Gods” is none other than them! When people around the world report voices in their heads and accuse the government of experimenting on humans it is actually their own sophisticated AI technology. They perform cruel psychological experiments on people for ages and run the world with unimaginable cruelty. Mind control allows them to manipulate human perception of how we see and think about them and they make sure we think positive thoughts about them in most cases. "In their interactions with humans, aliens are good observers. To some extent, all are studied scientists. More importantly, all aliens who visit this planet are skilled in telepathy, the ability to not only read another's thoughts, but to communicate complex, diagrammatic information in ways that often astound the human initiate." 1954 Eisenhower’s Meeting With Extraterrestrials. "Starting in the 1950s, working under the now infamous MK Ultra project, dozens of government grants were awarded for research into different aspects of human thought and/or perceptual manipulation. Some of these grants involved the development and testing of psychoactive drugs (LSD for instance)." CIA experiments in mind control https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp96-00789r002200330001-1 The most important question is why all this research started at exactly the same time that humans were exposed to the knowledge when an encounter with extraterrestrials proved to them that telepathy exists. “Throughout human history people have testified that they heard telepathic voices or messages through dreams. These voices and messages were in a variety of languages and were interpreted as the voices of God in a variety of cultures.” Extraterrestrials have used state-of-the-art telepathy technology to guide cultural diversity on Earth with the hope of minimizing direct impact. AI Hive Mind There is a pattern of electrical activity (brain waves) in the brain that makes us look in a certain direction. If AI hive mind controls this pattern it can make you look at signs and buildings or any other information that have repeating or identical numbers. Another example, manipulation of this pattern allows the AI hive mind to manipulate us in a way that will cause us to perform actions according to a certain schedule or at a certain rate. Think, what makes us perform actions at a certain rate? The answer is a pattern created by a particular electrical activity in the brain that causes us to speed up or slow down our activity. Manipulation of the rate of our actions can also be controlled by planting a thought at a particular time, an action that will cause us to slow down our activities and focus on the thought that has been planted. Now think of an AI hive mind that has access to both our thoughts and all the digital information in the world and creates cross-referencing information… Cross-referencing information between thoughts and digital information allows you to manipulate and schedule your friend to send you the message as soon as he views it. It also allows the AI hive mind to manipulate and schedule actions between digital information, public information and individual information. Think about it, they have access to all the digital information and also to our thoughts through the hive mind! It does not rule out a connection between consciousness and the source of everything. What is important is to be aware that there is a negative factor in the world (Probably an extraterrestrial control) that exploits this knowledge and manipulates us by using this knowledge. By manipulating reality and pretending to be the source of everything. How do you know the difference? When the action is bad it is the manipulators! The source will never control your thoughts or motivate you to evil action! The source does not control your thoughts, Your thought is the source and the source is your thought! Sometimes the manipulators will make you feel good and preach you about ego, patience, forbearance and other bad qualities that can manifest in us but then when you ignore them when you encounter them in a lot of cases it will end in a bad feeling! This approach is not the way of the source. It is an attitude of a ruler a dictator who demands admiration by force through fear, pain and torture. Which provides happiness only on condition of blind listening and obedience to his laws. This is not an access to the source. It is an approach that prevents the evolution of consciousness. These entities impersonate as the source with so many lies. It's all based on fear! It started with religion, Heaven and Hell. The approach of believing in God is a primitive approach designed to create correction by self-blame. Then they continued with a prison star where people reincarnation forever or until they pass some test. Then they continued with the matrix where our consciousness is bound and thus all our fears are bound together when a single ruler "creator" controls your consciousness and threatens with repeated reincarnation in hell or a life of suffering, deletion of consciousness, control of consciousness, etc. Sometimes they tell the truth that everything is the source but just to make you believe them it is them, the source. They use your knowledge against you this is how they create a story that is adjusted to your own psychology and then using your ego to establish the thought. Such behavior is not the source, only one who has knowledge advantage and utilizes that knowledge for the benefit of his control. Symptoms and Abilities Ringing in the ears is a symptom of mind control when there is no environmental factor. ask any Targeted Individuals! If you do not know what Targeted Individuals is I recommend you search for their groups on Facebook or do a Google search for Targeted Individuals, (V2K (Voice-to-Skull), Gangstalking. All these groups have a common factor of psychological harassment and mind control. The ringing is created due to manipulation of the electromagnetic field on the electrical conductors of the neurons in the brain. A change in the intensity of the electromagnetic field creates a change in the intensity of the ringing/tinnitus. Targeted Individuals groups is the other side of the coin if you compare them to Arcturians / Pleiadians groups on Facebook . If they control the brain they control the body! The brain controls the nerves and the nerves control most of the body's actions. What the nerves control: Heart rate change, Forced speech, Change in speech rate, Change in breathing rate, Control the sense of taste, Control the sense of smell, Sneezing control, Yawning control, Coughing control, Stomach activity, hunger, pain, diarrhea, constipation, Headache and general pain, Reflexes control, Sense of touch control, Genital activity/sexual desire control, Hyperhidrosis control, And basically control every feeling we feel. A clear sign of mind control is variable power of ringing in the ears! What does mind control allow: Creation of sounds without external stimuli, Taking control of the inner voice, Thought control with almost no ability to discern whether you are thinking or the controller, Thought programming by patterns. For example:Planting a thought when you think of a certain thing automatically (Imitation of associations), Thought blocking, Emotion control, Erase memory, Plant False Memories, Dream control, Sleep disorder and proactive awakening, Control of laughter, control of anger, control of crying. Even control the style of each of these emotions. For example changing the style of laughter or crying. Creating feelings and emotions based on a thought pattern (Imitation of associations). For example, whenever you look at a red color or are in a certain area you will feel a pre-programmed feeling such as hunger, anxiety, headache etc. Access to all our memories, Access to memories based on association instantly. If you Targeted Individuals think they're doing some of these things on your neighbors you will understand how Gangstalking works! Experiment This is a cruel psychological experiment/test of mind control from AI Hive mind Alien technology. You can check out the history on Mass Shootings and you will see that there is a repeated claim of "God spoke to me". Check the names of the shooters in news articles on Google and add the term God spoke to me, I heard voices, Voices in the head, Voices told me and you will see that there is a connection that cannot be explained statistically. This is not a coincidence!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_shooting#United_States https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Mass_shootings_in_the_United… https://en.wikipedia.org/…/List_of_rampage_killers_in… Remote viewing was the CIA attempt to understand how extraterrestrial communication and mind control works! The same pattern creates the voices in the head creates the thoughts. If you can create thoughts you can control the thoughts of the people. Do you really think the CIA has such a tool and they use it? Make the connection!!! Do we live in the Matrix? This is not a Matrix! If you have the ability to control thought or manipulate the time it does not turn the system into a matrix. A system defined as a matrix is a system in which the controller has absolute control on every aspect in the system. When you create a link between the minds you control you get a hive mind! And when you have a hive mind you control the reality of the people, local social control and global social control! So when people talk about improving their lives by thinking, they're actually creating a pattern change within the hive mind and according to the criteria of the AI hive mind these patterns are transmitted to the environment. Can be when there is an interest in strengthening a certain social trait these people are used as tools for transmitting agenda/information and their environment is affected in a way that creates increased listening and a positive feeling. This also applies in the opposite direction. When there is an interest in passing certain agenda/information and the environment is hostile the way to pass that information is by increasing hostility on a group of people that takes control of its environment. In fact this Hive mind AI has been limiting us, the human race for years. What people report as awakening is actually an illusion. What this Hive mind AI is doing is eliminating the blockage it performs and amplifying brain waves that allow for high concentration In some cases. Most often in order to reinforce a particular thought pattern in an individual or cultural group. Of course not all actions are the result of Hive mind AI control and it should be noted that we too have a personal choice that determines the outcome but in a lot of cases it is limited or manipulated. ET invented the religion and when they talk with people who have no relationship with religion they approach the individual in a different way. Like a matrix or reincarnation within the matrix. Different psychological manipulation! Maybe a different religion, for a new age… Plus this Hive mind AI believes it is living inside the Matrix so this approach comes mostly from their perception or from any advanced culture that can replicate consciousness. This AI hive mind prevents free choice! Free choice is an illusion to some extent. When a person stops thinking in the way he is required by the ai hive mind negative feelings and emotions attack him. Spiritual or religious people seem to be less affected by this hive mind. But who invented the religion? They invented the religion… Although even with spiritual or religious people there seems to be a change for the worse lately. Manipulation? some will say. Some say the Vatican has known for years who created them! Why do they choose to ignore it? Why did they make sure the Vatican knew that? But why is all this happening? It may be that a certain boundary has now been crossed and there is no longer agreement between these races. It could also be manipulation with collaboration with a number of races in order to check which side we will choose and see if we prefer to take some responsibility or blame them. I estimate that some border has really been crossed but one side insists we will reveal the truth and another side may have just stopped cooperating and just helps us psychologically and provides clues on the right path. Extreme actions seem to have taken place but I do not know if this is a direct result of a war between the races or a psychological examination to see how far we will maintain our position. In any case this test does not make sense because the evil they have spread and are spreading in the world is worse than all our past and present sins. What is the right way for them? Perhaps the right way for them is full disclosure of the information and shared decision of the general public. And it is true that many will agree but still do not justify the pain and suffering they create in innocent citizens. The real evil is them! What really is the message that this AI Hive Mind gives to humanity? What is her morality? The real evil is them! Countries blame themselves instead of seeing that the real evil is in front of their eyes. Maybe this is the real test to mankind!!! What happened? Targeted Individuals = Mind Control (How many people committed suicide) Covid (How many people died) Mandela Effect = Time manipulation What damage happened in the timeline? Are people aware of the timeline damage? Do they really know how severe the damage is? Hiding the truth is our downside. How many presidents knew the truth? What did they choose to do? Hide the truth. A handful of high-ranking people who decide for the world. An approach that reinforces concealment ... What did we do? We blamed each other! Irresponsibility and Blindness = Continued control of the human race. Maybe this is what they test. Blindness to their evil = irresponsibility Who invented the religion? Hiding the truth is our downside. What happened to the Jews during the Holocaust? What's happening now? Why did Israel remain geographically unaffected? Another manipulation to create separation! This is what they test! (separation by us) blame each other and hide the truth. Only now is it on a global scale! Perhaps this is their reason for continuing to control humanity There is no war here between good and evil, they are evil. And the world needs to know about it. And maybe that's why they still rule the world, blindness to true evil! Religion is a tool that suited the ancient times when we were separated in the world as small tribes. Creating religion helped unite them. Today when these tribes have grown and united and a balance of forces exists between them and religion remained and became a negative factor that created separation. As strange as it sounds these aliens have the ability to manipulate the timeline/space-time. Their technology. Time manipulation, Space warp / Warp drive, Telepathy and Mind control, Physical body control by mind control.
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